To Boldly Go



Roddenberry's Star
Roddenberry’s Star (Photo credit: thewind)


To Boldly Go


In Oklahoma, we have this great media company, This Land Press, that tells the stories of our state that don’t get a lot of attention.  Through them, I’m learning a lot about the place I’ve spent more than half my life.  For example, today, I discovered that there is a place with a set made to resemble a Star Trek bridge.  You can go film there, take pictures for weddings, whatever…for free.  I’m not a huge Trekkie, although I’ve watched just about every episode aired, and every movie made (… wait … that’s a lot of Star Trek … maybe … whatever).  Now, I really want to write a short screen play, gather up anyone who wants to a film a movie…on a Star Trek bridge…in Oklahoma City…


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