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The Trilogy Ends: Allegiant Book Review



by Veronica Roth

Apparently, my rush to finish Gone Girl has led to a reading frenzy to finish other books that I’d abandoned.  Tonight, I finally finished Allegiant by Veronica Roth.  Just as with Divergent and Insurgent, once I got going, I didn’t want to put the book down.  This is how I found myself forgetting to eat dinner, and leaving all of my household chores for tomorrow.

During the past few months, I’ve read a lot about how much the finale to the trilogy sucked, and, no doubt, that made it easier and easier to delay finishing it.  I was careful not to read too much , because I didn’t want to know what made people think it was so terrible.  I’m glad I didn’t read further, because I may not have ever finished it.  This doesn’t mean I agree with them, in fact, the opposite is true. This was a great ending to the trilogy.  The resolution is there, the story wrapped up in a satisfying, truthful, if idealistic, way.  Most of the time when something ends it hurts a bit, and expecting a series like this to go out without a bang and a little pain would have just been wishful thinking.

The characters, for the most part, stay true to their development in the first two novels, but they do slip from time to time.  Occasionally, they make choices that definitely move the plot in the right direction, but don’t feel authentic to the individuals we’ve gotten to know.  There’s nothing overt about it, just slightly…easy.  It is almost as if you can see the characters clamoring to have their way, and Roth forcing them to comply with the story arc to keep everything on track.  Without a couple of those less than perfect scenes, we could have ended up with an entirely different book.  One that leaves room for a fourth and fifth and sixth.

Although, I would be happy to revisit this world and see events unfold from Evelyn’s viewpoint or Christina’s or even Peter’s, a continuation would be a bit of a stretch, and I’m okay with that.  Sometimes you need to finish a series, and know that it isn’t going any further.

Would I say that I’m “happy” with the ending, well, no.  However, I can’t fault her choices there.  Tris’s decision was true to character, and it was a resolution of its own.  Any other action on her part would have been another character forced into an inauthentic action, all plot and no substance.  That kind of ending would have been disappointing.  Instead, Tris and Tobias both get what they needed…in a round about kind of way, but they still get what they needed.

First Lines: “I pace in our cell in Erudite headquarters, her words echoing in my mind: My name will be Edith Prior, and there is much I am happy to forget.”

Now, there’s been a lot of talk about how much people like the Divergent movie, but I haven’t talked to anyone who has both read the whole book and seen the film.  I think I really want to go see it before it leaves theaters, but I’m a bit hesitant after my disappointment in the Mortal Instruments:City of Bones movie.  Anybody out there who has both read the book and seen them movie?  Hit the comments below to tell me what you think.  Also, if you just want to talk about the stinking book, and the emotional aftermath, do that too. (One day, I’m going to get someone who actually reads these books around the same time I do.  This waiting business sucks!)

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I learned a line dance to this song last week. My friend is going to use it at her wedding. Fun stuff, I’m telling you.  That whole shebang will be going down a week from today.

What do you have going on this weekend?

For me, I’m headed to the Farmers’ Market bright and early tomorrow morning…fortunately the Cherry Street Coffee House is right there, and they make an awesome chai tea. If you don’t get a to-go cup, the large comes in a mug as big as a soup bowl…definitely going to be doing that.

There is a possibility that I’ll fire up the grill for the first time this year also…maybe steaks and some veggies from the Farmers’ Market? Sounds good to me!

A short story is in need of some major editing, and its calling my name.  It needed to sit on the “shelf” for a while to give me some distance before I attack it with a red pen.  Today it’s calling my name, so I think the wait is finally over.  I’m inspired, in no small part, by the tale I created to make one of my friends nervous about her security alarm going off for no particular reason…I need to remind her of that before she leaves…There’s a reason I like Cards Against Humanity so much.

Oh!  Cards Against Humanity!  A friend is staying with me all weekend…this may necessitate a gathering of individuals to play a card game…hmmm…

Sunday it is supposed to rain, but that just means that I will definitely finally see Dallas Buyers Club and maybe even Divergent…maybe, possibly…it could finally happen.

‘Til next time,


P.S. What about that furniture I’m refinishing, you ask?  P.R.O.C.R.A.S.T.I.N.A.T.I.O.N…

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To Clean or Not To Clean? That is the Question


immaculate housesLast night a friend confessed that she almost started cleaning my house for me when she came by, because she worried that I didn’t have time to do it myself.   First off, I truly have wonderful, amazing friends who are willing to pitch in and clean my house if I don’t have time.  I’m not quite sure how I got so lucky, but I am eternally grateful to know such great people.

However, it isn’t a lack of time per se that holds me back from shiny faucets and refrigerator doors so clean you can see your reflection.  There are so many more interesting things to do than clean, don’t you think?  Books to be read, fandoms to explore, friends to laugh with, family (and family dogs) to play with, episodes of Season 3 of the Walking Dead to watch…okay, maybe that last one is just me. (Dear friend, don’t think I’ve forgotten your promise to watch Sherlock if I watch the Walking Dead.  I’ll be waiting to hear from you.  Oh yes, I really did.)

With all the amazing things to see and do, cleaning just doesn’t rank too high on my priority list.  As long as it isn’t truly dirty, I’m okay it not being a gleaming example of kitchendom.  I know I will never make the cover of Southern Living or Better Homes and Gardens because of my home. (That cheesecake last week…maybe.)

“Lived in” is perfectly acceptable for most days…because my house is lived in.  My trail of computer bags, purses, keys, sunglasses and jackets will attest to that every evening as I make my way through the house after work…just as the blend of golden hair and mysterious white fuzz will confirm a dog is in residence. (Seriously, I can vacuum every day and not get all that stuff up!) My mysterious inability to remember to close cabinet doors is a little harder to explain…Seriously, I walked in the kitchen this morning and four cabinet doors were open. What the heck!?! No, my house is not haunted….I already thought of that….I have to remember to put salt on the grocery list…just in case.

Are there people who really enjoy cleaning?  Or do they just enjoy the end product of the cleaning?  I’m a curious mind who wants to know.

‘Til next time,