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How Can I Get A Job Like This?


LEGO logo

LEGO logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

LEGO Master Builder Steve Gerling has one of the best jobs…like ever.  He builds Lego models for a living.  The tiger at the Bronx zoo is one of his creations. (check out the interview to see even more awesome pictures).  Have I mentioned how much I love Legos?  Hmm?

How would you like this dude’s job?  I really enjoy Legos.  Now, my creations are nothing compared to Steve Gerling’s, but oh, the ideas I have now.  Sign me up!


Photo from Huffington Post. 150,000 piece recreation of Helms Deep

Just in case that wasn’t enough to inspire you to get playing, Huffington Post has some fun Lego facts for you.  This is an image from their article…that looks a bit different from the Helms Deep I made…photo (21)

Well, I don’t even know if the big one would fit in…any one room in my house.   It just goes to show “You mustn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling.” (Eames, Inception)

‘Til next time,


P.S. I want to send a “thank you” out to all of my friends and family who send me awesome little tidbits like this one!  You guys are awesome.


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Still Happy!

Ladies and Gentlemen, my work week is at an end.

Tonight I celebrate my father’s birthday. (Happy birthday, Dad!!) We’ll have tasty Mexican food (or as Mexican as Tulsa really gets, which is not actually all that Mexican.  Also, if you know where I can get real Mexican food in Tulsa, let me know.) laugh, tell stories (we’re good at that) and then…well, someone will decide and we’ll do something else. (At last check, nothing was decided…that could have changed.)

After that, I got nothing….let me tell you, that is grand. It makes me (you guessed it)…happy. Saturday and Sunday all with nothing that needs to be done, just what I want to do. (Laundry and basic house maintenancey things don’t count, because they. never. end. Sometimes…being an adult sucks.)  Movies, music, reading, legos, at least one random act of kindness (truly random, because I have no idea what I’ll do) and possibly actually, finally, finishing the furniture project I started…I don’t even remember when at this point. (Procrastination.  It isn’t pretty but it is real.)  The forecast calls for rain on Sunday, which is perfect for snuggling up with a good book or movie.  Also, I have a need to finish Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl.  I have suspicions…hmm…

Dexter has also become fond of tug-of-war outside.  He doesn’t have to worry about knocking over anything, apparently that also includes me, and he wins more often.  A dog toy scavenger hunt is also apparently planned, since most of Dex’s toys are no longer inside…how well do you think he hid them?

What do you have planned? Do your pets hide toys too?

‘Til next time,


Hulk Smash

Hulk Smash

You’ll be completely surprised by this, because I never post anything about Legos (Just, you know, here and here and here and here and here?) I have Loki, and now I have Hulk…this is going to happen…very very soon.

‘Til next time,


P.S. Okay, so there are enough Lego posts that I finally just gave the fabulous toys and effective alarm systems their own category.  (What haven’t you seen Home Alone?)


LEGO + Doctor Who = Happy I Love Geekology


Lego Doctor Who Concept photo from Lego

So, there I was just bouncing through the web.  A little bored, and definitely ready for the weekend when I came across Geeks of Doom.  Definitely worth checking out, right?  There I found the post that made my day. (Maybe even my week.  It’s been a little rough.)  LEGO CUUSOO is accepting fan submissions for Doctor Who LEGOs.  Yip-eee!

What’s the big deal, you ask?  Well, back when I discovered this nifty little site, I poked around to see if I could find any Doctor Who sets, because…just because.  When I searched for Doctor Who I found the following message.

Sometimes we have to turn down project submissions that refer to specific brands or licensed properties. We do this to avoid getting your hopes up for something we know we aren’t able to make. In these cases, we already know the LEGO Group can’t secure licensing rights to produce construction toys based on a particular brand or property, due to a conflicting interest with a third party. If such a conflict goes away, we’ll then be able to accept projects based on a particular brand or license.

Bummer.  That is just no fun at all.  The licensing conflict has been resolved, and the floor is open for submissions.  When I searched the site today, I find 29 submitted projects.  Most of these have gone up in the last 5 hours.  Yes, please.  Do you know what that makes me?

Yes, indeed.  This makes me happy.  Also, this may be my official Friday afternoon song…Whovians the world over are one step closer to getting the Doctor Who Lego sets they’ve been clamoring for.  Personally, I’m glad someone will give me directions for making the inside of the TARDIS…I wasn’t doing so well on my own.

‘Til next time,


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More LEGOs!

A pile of Lego blocks, of assorted colours and...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Oh, the things I come across on the internet.  Today, I found a link to all kinds of amazing things people have built with LEGO’s…hmmmm…I have some building to do!
‘Til next time,


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LEGOs…It’s the Little Things that Make Me Happy

photo (11)

Get it?  Little things?  LEGOs are…okay, I’ll stop.  Sorry, the over caffeinated, sugar high got to me.  Hint: If you haven’t had soda in approximately two years, you should probably moderate that…because otherwise…you get this.

Have I mentioned that I like LEGOs?  LEGOs make me happy.  As a matter of fact, I had a conversation with a friend of mine about them during the holidays.  He was telling me about how he bought LEGOs by the pound online. (I think he said Ebay…maybe.  I’ve slept since then.)  His boys love them, and I have a sneaking suspicion they don’t always play alone.  There was a definitely interest in a pirate ship.  Because, I have a pirate ship now…and I got a castle for Christmas.  Yeah, I know.  I’m in my 30’s and getting LEGOs for Christmas, but who cares.  They make me happy!

photo (9)

A couple of months ago, I came across a great deal on the Lord of the Rings ship from the Lord of the Rings: Return of the King.  Because, if LEGOs make me happy in general, then LEGOs based on my favorite books, movies, or television shows make me incredibly happy.  Okay, it isn’t actually a pirate, pirate ship…but it could be.  I have no self-control.  Could you?

photo (14)Because I get a childlike thrill out of these toys, of course, my family, who loves me, wanted to give me LEGOs for Christmas.  Woo-hoo!  They got me another Lord of the Rings set.  I now have the Battle of Helm’s Deep…in LEGOs.

So, now you have an idea of how I spent my Christmas night.  Watching the Doctor regenerate in the Doctor Who Christmas Special with some friends, and putting together my castle…there may have also been some mulled wine.  No, I didn’t let my friends help me with the castle.  Sorry!

photo (20)LEGOs have gotten more advanced than they were when I was a kid.  I don’t remember being able to shoot stuff or a catapult to take into battle.  Now, I have catapults, and built-in levers to help me blow up my creations.  The wall the orcs blow up at Helm’s Deep…it really blows up.  I tested it…a lot.  There’s even a side door for Aragorn and Gimli to sneak out and a catapult perfect for dwarf tossing.

Now, I’m in need of some LEGOs with Smaug.  Every good castle needs a dragon, right?  What better dragon to attack my castle than the mighty Smaug?  Is this a thing?  I need it to be a thing.


That isn’t to say that the holiday LEGO battles were without casualties.  Unfortunately, poor Frodo died.  Did he die at the hands of Sauron?  Nope.  The poor lad was felled by the worst beast of all.  After surviving  the Nazgul, Moria, Shelob, Mordor, and the fires of Mt. Doom, Frodo met his match in the deadliest of all creatures, the Lord of the Great Toy Wars…..Dexter, a Labrador.

photo (4)

Alas, he looks like such a loving innocent beast.  With the perky ears, and the tail wagging so quickly it is a mere blur.  However, looks can be deceiving.  Dexter is the bane of all toys, large and small.  He just chews them up and spits them out, spreading destruction far and wide. Fortunately, Dex, of the Great Toy Wars doesn’t wreak havoc too often, but when the beast unleashes his fury…beware!  No toys are safe from the Lord of the Great Toy Wars.

‘Til next time,

Jessica (and Dexter)

P.S. Just count yourself fortunate that your screen doesn’t have the Dexter nose art that mine currently does.  Apparently, he likes you guys too!

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Oh My, A LEGO Sherlock.

Oh My, A LEGO Sherlock.

LEGOs and the BBC’s Sherlock…these are a few of my favorite things.  This definitely needs to happen!

I Don’t Want to Grow Up….LEGOS!


LEGO logo

LEGO logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I have rediscovered a childhood toy.  Yes folks, LEGOs.  A grown woman has a Lego collection.  Now, I heard on the morning news they have a LEGO collection for adults (not that kind of adult, geez)…it is true.  I found it here.  Who says you have to be a kid….or have kids to play with toys?  However, I don’t just want to build Big Ben or The White House with my LEGOs.  Famous building are great and all, but well….pirate ships.


It all got started as I was searching for a Trivial Pursuit game with my friend.  We wandered down the LEGO aisle on our way to the board games and I remarked that I really missed LEGOs, and I needed more kids in my life.  That way I’d get to play with them more.  Some random woman behind me said “Honey, if you want LEGOs, just buy yourself LEGOs.  You’re an adult.”  Damn skippy, I’m an adult!  I bought myself some LEGOs.  That has turned into 1, 2, 3….well, several more LEGO sets, for kids.  If you ever have a bad day, buy a LEGO set…as far as retail therapy goes, it is a lot less expensive than other options (designer handbag, shoes, that first edition I want for my if-I-were-a-rich-girl library)…pretty much anything other than books that I’ve found.  It puts a smile on my face.  Every. Single. Time.

411Y5Fhct5L._SX385_They’re awesome!  You can follow the directions and put together whatever is on the box or you can mix it up and build your own stuff…pirate ships.  My LEGO collection is no less geeky than the rest of my life.  The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, and The Avengers all have starring roles in my growing bin of LEGO pieces.  I have a Lego army, and my Zombie Apocalypse team kicks butt! (Guess who I blame for evaluating my LEGO zombie apocolypse team?  You know who you are.)  Well, as long as the it’s a LEGO zombie apocalypse.  Although, I’m sure that even a zombie would hop up and down in pain if they stepped on a LEGO, so…you never know.  Those suckers REALLY hurt!

What’s a favorite toy from your childhood that you wish you still had?  What’s a toy/game that you never gave up?

‘Til Next Time,