What is Net Neutrality? Why Should I Care?

The FCC has opened up a forum for comments about net neutrality. Hank Green does a great job explaining what it is and why it matters to you. (Yes, you. You’re reading this on the internet, right?) Check out the video and then go to the FCC site to weigh in.  This is an important […]


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Concentrate, Concentrate…

Hugh Jackman and Elmo…wait, what was I supposed to be doing?  When I saw this one, I literally laughed out loud.  I’m so easily distracted, and I was supposed to be doing something else…not watching random Sesame Street videos on YouTube, for sure.  The “concentrate” video mostly put me back on task.  At work, we’re […]

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Thinking Globally

Like many of us, the situation in Ukraine has been on my mind. As a country Ukraine (and Crimea) has been in the middle of a lot of conflict.  I was searching for a good way to put this current conflict in historical context (without writing more than anyone wants to read), and fortunately for […]

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