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The Grand Budapest Hotel

This was my first Wes Anderson experience. Well, not actually. Apparently he’s also directed several commercials. You can watch those here. (Thank you Mental Floss.) Basically I went to see this because I thought it was hilarious when Ralph Fiennes ran away when the police accused him of murder. (It’s the little things that make me happy.) This movie was so much better than M. Gustave’s, Fiennes character, exit strategy. (Although, that is still one of my favorite parts of the movie.) The Grand Budapest Hotel is funny, quirky, surprising and unique. I would watch it again right now, if I could. (I can’t because I’m at work, and I have to …you know, work. No comments about whether or not this is actually work. I am aware.)
The cast of characters and the actors who give them life is … well that was the other reason I saw this movie. Jeff Goldblum, Adrien Brody, Willem Dafoe, Edward Norton, Harvey Keitel, Jude Law, Bill Murray, Tilda Swinton, Owen Wilson…I mean really. How could you resist?

Okay, so short plot summary (all of which you could have garnered from the trailer, so I give away no spoilers). There’s a hotel, a mysterious owner of said hotel, and he tells a writer (Jude Law, I adore Jude Law.) how he came to own it. Then there’s a concierge, a lobby boy, a romance, a murder, several deaths, and (this isn’t in the trailer) a great chase scene across a snow-covered mountain. Wes Anderson is definitely this week’s favorite writer/director of movies.

Have you seen any of his other work? Which would you recommend I watch first?

‘Til next time,


My Voice is Playing Peek-A-Boo

Allergy starter

Allergy starter (Photo credit: gibsonsgolfer)

Ah, allergy season.  This year has been full of new and interesting surprises.  Today I discovered that Oklahoma City is the worst city to live in if you have allergies.  Tulsa is 108 miles from Oklahoma City, and you remember the song from Oklahoma “where the wind comes sweeping down the plains”?  I imagine Tulsa isn’t much better for allergies than OKC.  There really isn’t much to stop the wind…flat is…accurate

Name That Movie

Since things have started growing, my allergies have decided to try to kick my butt.  Running apparently aggravates allergies.  Not surprising, you’re outside sucking in more allergen filled air.  I didn’t expect to have my very first allergy induced asthma attack, to discover that if there is enough pollen in the air I’m greedily inhaling that my throat will begin to swell, or that I’d lose my voice two afternoons in a row.  Not mornings.  Just afternoons.

Tulsa Skyline

Tulsa Skyline (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Evil, pretty growing things in Tulsa.

Today, I returned from a lunch spent quietly running errands, no more than a “Thank you” or “Have a nice day” uttered in the hour I was out of the office. (For those of you who know me.  Yes, it is possible for me to spend time without speaking.  No, I don’t have to be asleep for this to happen.)  Back in the office, I quietly work for an hour and prepare for my afternoon meeting.  Then I go to give my report, and I sound like…my lovely co-worker described it as sounding like I’d inhaled helium and another suggested I could have a very profitable career as a very specific kind of operator…awesome.

Have I mentioned I’m in sales?  Do you know what that entails?  Talking to people…on the phone…a lot.  Someone suggested I maybe not speak for a couple of days…kind of hard to do my job without talking…I would scream, but it wouldn’t do any good.  No one could hear me.

Since I already take a daily allergy medication, eat local honey, use a neti pot, all sorts of allergen reducing products…I’m seeing an allergist this week.  Seriously, the growing season in Oklahoma is too long for me to be relegated indoors for the duration.  I have a special appreciation for the creators of emails, text messaging, IM, blogging….quiet is harder when you don’t have another option.

Here Endeth the Rant,


P.S. I thought I posted this yesterday.  Oops!

P.P.S. My voice did come back, but the day is young.


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