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Crowdfunding is Cool


Cover (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday, I talked about a crowdfunded short film that I kicked in some money to support.  This was not the only project that I’ve contributed to, but it is the first one to be completed that I’ve been able to anticipate the release.  (Read: I didn’t forget about it after I gave them money.)  They sent out a few updates, but didn’t overwhelm my inbox.  There a lot of additional upcoming projects that are doing a great job of sending out updates as well.  This is just the first one that I’ll get to actually see.

Maybe it is a little strange coming from someone who has never had a campaign of their own, but I think crowdfunding is awesome.  Seriously, I love it.  I’ll troll Kickstarter and Indiegogo when I have a chance just to see what kind of cool stuff is out there, and there is always something cool out there.  It gives me the chance to tell someone that I believe in their idea too.

The light went on for me with Amanda Palmer’s Kickstarter campaign.  I discovered it just before it closed, and started doing some research.  I really wanted to support someone who obviously had such passion about what they’re doing, but I was a bit skeptical at the same time.  How did this whole crowdfunding thing work? There were questions, and I needed answers.  Unfortunately, my wheels turned too slow for me to get in on the awesomeness, and it is something I really regret (they do say that you regret the things you don’t do.  They’re right.)  Since then, I’ve contributed to lots of projects.  If I’m honest, I can’t remember how many.  Sometimes, I’ll kick in something for a project and forget about it.  Then I get an email or a reward in the mail and I’m reminded about how amazing I think the project is all over again.  Probably not the smartest thing (Okay, I know it is definitely not the smartest thing, but nobody’s perfect.)

There are some amazing artists out there doing really incredible things, and I can help get them there.  Following your dreams is scary…especially when it requires an investment to even get your dream off the ground.  I like to think of it as funding someone’s dream.  The fact is, I’m not made of money, and I can’t contribute much.  I’ve never backed anybody for more than $100.  However, I figure if you have a bunch of people like me who can kick in like $25 each…it will get you a long way.

“You mustn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling.”

– Inception

Yesterday, one of my projects announced that you can pre-order the short film on iTunes.  It will be officially available on  on November 5, and it looks so awesome that there was no way I could keep it to myself.  I can’t remember for the life of me what my reward is supposed to be…again (this would be the second fourth time I’ve had to look it up.)  The short film is titled Little Favour and stars Benedict Cumberbatch & Nick Moran and was funded through Indiegogo  Yeah, I was fairly certain that it wouldn’t suck when I read the synopsis, but then I heard about the cast and was prepared to throw my money at them.

Here are some of the other projects that I’ve contributed to…there may be a couple of more, but I can’t remember if I got to them in time or not.  I guess I’ll find out when my reward arrives.

Adam Suzuki and The Method – Born Out of Mischief Album

Stephen Elliott – Happy Baby Movie based on the book of the same name by Stephen Elliott

Devil’s Panties/Jennie Breeden – Devil Girl & Angel Girl Plush Dolls based on the Devil’s Panties web comic

Jill Thompson – Scary Godmother Doll based on the Scary Godmother Comic Book series

Save the Coney Island Mermaid from Extinction – Parade

The album by Adam Suzuki and The Method.  This was a project that didn’t send out any updates, so, of course, I forgot about it.  Once they got the funds they got to work and made a kickass album.  Then I got an autographed copy of the CD in the mail.  Truly awesome music, I played it for at least two weeks straight.

Coney Island Mermaid Parade 2007

Coney Island Mermaid Parade 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Next was the Mermaid Parade, my name was on a banner in a parade on Coney Island…that’s a long way from home and I’ve never even been anywhere near there. (except possibly an airport) However, they got hit hard by Sandy and I couldn’t stand to see such a cool tradition end because of the capriciousness of Mother Nature.  I’m from Oklahoma, and we know a bit about about storm devastation.  We also know all about community and pulling together to put things right again.  There were PDF’s of freak flags for me to fly and something that’s coming in the mail too, but I can’t remember what I picked.  It will be a surprise upon arrival. (Some days, opening the mailbox is like Christmas!) This came just after I finished writing this post.  Are you ready?  Temporary tattoos and buttons from parades from previous years!  Awesome!

Happy Baby is in post production now, and Stephen Elliott is great about sending updates.  It doesn’t hurt that I also subscribe to the Rumpus daily emails, and Letters in the Mail and…I’m just going to stop there.  I really love the community that The Rumpus has built, and as a passionate reader, exploring new authors is always a bit of a thrill.  A copy of the script is mine!

The dolls are new, but I look forward to my daily dose of the Devil’s Panties every morning.  Jennie Breeden’s comic never disappoints, and I spent many hours laughing my way through the archives to catch up after I’d gotten hooked.  To the point that I would have to make myself a deal.  I would get to read one for every project I finished, that way I would actually get stuff accomplished.  Why wouldn’t I jump on the chance to be part of bringing Devil Girl and Angel Girl into 3D?

Jill Thompson’s Scary Godmother doll campaign was something I discovered through a tweet by Neil Gaiman.  She’d worked on Sandman with him, and while I haven’t read about the Godmother who helps kids not be so afraid of things, I think that is an awesome idea.  I love the artwork, and I can’t wait until my own set of postcards arrives.  I only wish I had enough money to contribute more because this doll is adorable!

Every time  I start browsing through the projects, I wish I had more money.  I would love to be able to fund so many more projects and kick in so much more money than I do now.  That’s what I think I would do if I won the lottery. I’d fund artists, just because I knew they could do amazing things if that one obstacle (which can be a big one) was removed.  Until then, I’ll just keep pitching in where I can and spreading that budget out every month.  (I do try to have a little self control….stop laughing…I said try!) Just looking through the projects, I am renewed and inspired by the talent and spirit of people all over again.  

What do you think about crowdfunding?  Have you ever contributed to a campaign?

‘Til next time,


Dude, I Helped Fund This Movie!

I like pitching in money for cool crowdfunding…things.  This is the third project to be completed, and so far nothing has sucked.  I am so excited to watch this!  You can pre-order Little Favour on iTunes now.

Here’s the synopsis from the Indiegogo campaign.


LITTLE FAVOUR follows the story of WALLACE (Benedict Cumberbatch) when he is contacted by a former colleague to help him out with a deal gone wrong.

“Its been 7 years since he left Her Majesty’s service and 10 years since the American Counter part who became his friend, saved his life on a joint mission in Iraq. He’s migrated his skill set into a lucrative business while managing to keep his secret battle with PTSD under wraps. One day, while finally deciding to try his hand at a functional relationship, his old friend JAMES cashes in his chip and asks a LITTLE FAVOUR. How could he refuse when he owes the man his life?

It also stars Nick Moran from Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1, and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2…and so many other things, Amazing Grace…okay, I’m stopping now.

Also, if you don’t know who Benedict Cumberbatch is…I…he…really?  I’ve lost track of how many movies this man has coming out just between October and the end of the year.  I’m not counting Sherlock because only God knows when we’ll actually get to see it.  (Thank you Mr. Cumberbatch for trying to get it shown in the US and the UK at the same time!)

Exciting, action filled plot…check.  Talented cast…check.   From what I can see so far, excellent cinematography…check…Ummm….what else do you need to know?  Officially, it comes out November 5th.

Do you know what that means?  Happy birthday to me.  (Sing it with me!)  Happy birthday to me.  Happy birthday to meeeeeeeee….Happy birthday to me.  (Okay it is six days before my birthday, but I’m counting it anyway.)  That is not the point.  The point is….Well, I don’t remember, but now, you know you want to watch it too. (and this, ladies and gentlemen, is why you don’t give Jessica caffeine in the afternoon…)

‘Til next time,


Be Kind…Win Stuff

Random Acts of Kindness planning and preparation has begun!  After I posted about my plans, my mother, who works for Jim Stovall, shared my post with him.  I got the coolest email from Jim after he heard about what I was going to do.


Your mom shared your Acts of Kindness blog with me.  You did a great job, and if it’s all right with you, I’m going to share some of them in an upcoming column.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for another act of kindness, you could give a book filled with your grandmother’s poetry to someone who would enjoy it.  I will provide the book.


Now you may have read about him when I posted about The Ultimate Life  or Discovering Joye.  There are so many things I could say to describe Jim, but then we’d be here all day.  I pulled this from www.DiscoveringJoye.com.  Jim’s Story sums it up pretty well.

 Jim Stovall has been a national champion Olympic weightlifter, the President of the Emmy Award-winning Narrative Television Network, and a highly sought after author and platform speaker. He is the author of the best selling book, The Ultimate Gift, which is now a major motion picture starring James Garner and Abigail Breslin.

That email started me thinking…again. (I know it is really dangerous!)  This time I was thinking about all the wonderful responses to my kindness post.  Lots of people have reached out to tell me how much they love the idea, friends and family have offered to help in any way they can, and some people have shared the things that they do all the time for others…just because.  No holiday, birthday or special occasion needed.  So I said to myself….self, you know what would be awesome?  It would be so awesome to give this copy of Discovering Joye to someone who is doing good things for other people.  See you get Joye by giving joy…get it?  (I’m very punny…I know.)

So, I want to hear about the things you are doing to pass kindness on to others.  It doesn’t matter how big or how small.  Volunteer work, providing a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on for a friend in need, paying for a stranger’s coffee…whatever you do to pass on kindness, let me know!  Fill out the form below with your Act of Kindness and a winner will be drawn on November 11th, 2013 to win an autographed copy of Discovering Joye by Jim Stovall.  The winner will be contacted via the email address provided (so double check to make sure it is right!).


New Trailer for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

Let the countdown begin, ladies and gentlemen…T-73 days until The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug is released in the US.

I am not a patient person.  I’ve watched this four times…today…Oh, and for those of you who asked, Orlando Bloom only plays Legolas.  I think the other character you were referring to was Bard who is played by Luke Evans.  I don’t know what I would do without www.IMDB.com to answer these questions, and you can find answers to other casting questions here.

‘Til next time,


Mortal Instruments: City of Bones…the Movie is Not the Book


This weekend my nephew and I spent our time watching movies and playing video games…it was pretty awesome. No, I’m not talking about who did better at the video games. (Hint: Not me!) We kicked things off with lunch before doing a little shopping for his birthday and heading over to see The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. Now, this is a book that I absolutely adored, and I was pretty excited to see the movie.

The characters are well cast, and they do an excellent job of portraying Clary, Jace, Isabelle, Alec and Simon. They didn’t ring any false notes at any point in the film. Although, if I hadn’t read the books, I would have needed a bit more depth to everyone but Clary and Jace. This isn’t due to the actors in any way shape or form. Having read the novels, you were spot on! They didn’t get left out, they just didn’t get as much attention as they needed. Did your scenes get left on the cutting room floor? I mentioned in my review of the book that the story felt a little flat in the beginning, and that didn’t come across that way at all in the movie. They were engaging and did a fantastic job of pulling the viewer into the story. I kept feeling like it was rushed though, like it needed more build up, development, and explanation for anyone who didn’t read the book. It would be easy to get lost without it, and without the internal monologues…you have to spell it out.

Visually, I was really happy with the way they portrayed The Institute and The Silent Brothers. It was just the way I imagined it from the book, and as I mentioned, casting was excellent. There weren’t any discordant notes between the depictions of the characters and locations in the book and what I saw on the big screen.

This was my big experiment (I feel kind of like Sherlock…not really, but I did an experiment!) After much friendly debate, I’d been convinced to try reading the book before watching the movie….Ummm…this is not for me. The entire movie I kept thinking, but that doesn’t happen in that order. This doesn’t happen in the book. Why’d they change that? This was all plot focused and not character focused.

The Mortal Instruments Book #1

The plot takes a huge detour from the book, and it isn’t just little things that are easy to ignore. The ending is completely different. To the point that I don’t know how they’re going to do the rest of it, because this is a major freaking plot point they changed! This directly impacts the storyline from here on out. I may have been okay if it was just the one…okay, that’s a lie, but I would probably have gotten over it.

There was this big secret that gets revealed in the novels. Jace only spent the next two books making sure that information didn’t get into the wrong hands. In the movie, Isabelle and Luke play witness. Isabelle, who doesn’t have great relationship with Clary in the books, and it doesn’t look much better in the movie. Isabelle and Luke now have this enormously important piece of information that Clary doesn’t even realize is important until the end of the third book. Jace spends two books plus keeping this secret to protect Clary when she doesn’t even know it could be dangerous, and now….

We’re ignoring the fact that the scene is set in the wrong place, and all the rest. I could actually understand condensing the setting to The Institute instead of all over the place. It makes sense from a movie making budget standpoint. Really, I was fine with that. I even get revealing that there’s a lie being told to Clary and Jace. That whole time…you know, like a book and a half…where I didn’t know for sure it was a lie was a bit off-putting. However, I’d been pretty sure this tidbit wasn’t true. The not knowing for sure kept me engaged. I needed proof I was right. (wow, I just realized how that must make me sound, true though it may be.) Well, it’s out now. Oh hey, and that character who doesn’t redeem himself until the third book? He starts on it …. a bit early….kind of.

I’m not a purist when it comes to movie adaptations of my favorite books. I get that you have to cram a lot of character, plot, and world building into a couple of hours. Stuff has to get cut. Things need to be changed. It’s a new medium. My lunch conversation with a colleague revolved around her sister’s despair at reading The Lord of the Rings and discovering that the time period between Bilbo’s birthday and the time in which Frodo set off on his own adventure was 50 years instead of what was portrayed in the movie. She can’t read any farther. That’s a purist. Yeah, didn’t bother me in the least, and those are some of my favorite stories of all time. I read those books first too, but the movie stays so true to the vision and heart of the story (although understandably not exactly. Do you need nine movies for The Lord of the Rings? Okay, yes, but that’s not the point.) I didn’t have issues with the exemptions and changes there. Not to mention, none of those changes were major plot points. I mean, it wasn’t like Aragorn was suddenly carrying the ring.

These changes to Ms. Clare’s work were much much bigger than those in The Lord of the Rings. Did she get to retain any control over the script? Are they even planning on a sequel? I really can’t tell. Some stuff felt resolved, but not so much with the rest of it….I have no idea. Big conflict thing gets resolved (which wasn’t supposed to) the personal conflict is just beginning, and even that is resolved for the viewer just not for the characters. My nephew left the movie a bit confused, because not a lot of explanation happening either. Another reviewer mentioned that she got the feeling this was a fan film, and I can completely see that. They already knew the story and the characters and didn’t realize how much a new viewer would need in the way of development. I still just don’t see how changing so many major plot points makes sense for a book series as popular as this one. Could it be that I watched the movie too close to when I read the book? Maybe? However, the plot took such a huge detour from the book I don’t think I would ever forget enough to buy into that.

Overall, I felt they rushed through without enough character or plot development for the uninitiated. Then they went and changed too many major plot points for those of us who have read and loved the novels by Cassandra Clare. They didn’t even manage to leave us with a cliffhanger at the end, well kind of? (Were you afraid it was going to flop and you wouldn’t get to make the next one? Hmmm?) All that and overall, I didn’t hate it…I would actually recommend this for a rental…and give yourself a long time between reading the books and watching the movie.

Do you have issues with adaptations? What’s your favorite movie adaptation? Can you recommend a good movie to wash the taste of this one out of my mind?

‘Til next time,


Starfleet Has to Have Some Fun Too!…Star Trek: Into Darkness Pranks

So have you heard about the Netruon Cream pranks on the set of Star Trek: Into Darkness?  Well, now you can see it.  Check it out!

It Is Coming! The Ultimate Life Movie!

I was lucky enough to be able to attend a pre-screening of the new film The Ultimate Life last week.  It will be released in theaters September 6, 2013.  This is a movie I have been eagerly anticipating for…well, it feels like forever, but it is finally here and that is all that matters!  It was well worth the wait.  I loved, loved, loved this movie.  It was visually stunning, the acting was wonderful and the story…well, I left the theater with a good feeling that carried over well into the next day.  Here’s the trailer…just to give you a peek.

Looks good, huh?  The real deal is even better.  This is both a prequel and a sequel to The Ultimate Gift. Huh?  Right, it really is both.  And it works, really, really well.  The cool part is that The Ultimate Life is a stand alone film.  No prior knowledge is necessary to fall in love with this one, I promise!  However, I can’t imagine anyone watching The Ultimate Life and then not wanting to go back to watch The Ultimate Gift. (That could just be me though…no?  Good!) The film stars Peter Fonda, Bill Cobbs, Lee Meriwether, and Ali Hillis just to name a few.

Chronologically, it takes places after the events of The Ultimate Gift.  Jason Stevens, played by Logan Bartholomew, is fighting his greedy family to retain control of the Stevens Foundation that he earned from his grandfather, Red Stevens, in the first film.  Jason’s busy, doing good things, trying to help people with the gifts that his grandfather has bequeathed him.  He’s come a long way from the young man we met in the first film, but he’s got a few things let to learn yet.  I’ve always liked Jason.  Not in spite of his flaws, but because of them, I think.  More that as he becomes aware of those flaws, Jason’s trying to work to overcome them.   He’s willing to learn, and become…better.  The Ultimate Life shows him trying to bear the burden of his inheritance.  He’s focusing so hard on trying not to be the person he was before he learned the ultimate gift from Red, that he’s missing out on some big stuff now.

Now, for anyone who has seen The Ultimate Gift you’re probably out there thinking that no one can replace actor Drew Fuller as Jason.  I was kind of worried about this too, I’m not going to pretend I wasn’t.  He did a great job with the role.  Logan had quite a bit of skepticism to overcome, and it took him all of like three minutes on screen to do that.  Really, you’ve got nothing to worry about.  Mr. Bartholomew’s portrayal of this character is spot on, no joke.  His smile is infectious and he embodies the person we know Jason has become to perfection.  After those first few minutes, he was just Jason and I didn’t think about it again.

As the daily grind and the fight with his money grubbing family take over Jason’s life, he does a great job of keeping the big picture in focus.  The details….well, this is where the lawyer comes in to help.  I know, I know.  Not the typical role of an attorney in the movies, but Mr. Hamilton is not just a sharp attorney.  He’s also been a friend of Jason’s grandfather since the beginning of Red’s career as an oilman.  Mr. Hamilton gives Jason Red’s journal to read, in hopes that his grandfather’s struggles will help Jason gain some…perspective maybe.

Red kept a journal since he was 15.  It was given to him by his teacher who told him that it wasn’t “girly”.  Girls had diaries and boys had journals.  Journals were different.  In this leather bound book, he relates his journey.  We get to see it through Red’s own eyes.

Now, Red has always been a favorite of mine in these movies.  It doesn’t hurt that the Red that Jason knows is played by James Garner.  I do so love James Garner…he’s just awesome!  I was a little nervous about the prequel portions, and the men who would be playing Red as a teenager and a younger man.  I shouldn’t have wasted my time.  I had nothing to worry about.  Austin James plays the teen aged Red Stevens, and he does a fantastic job.  All that ambition and drive just pulse out of him, and it just encapsulates the character so well.  I was even more impressed when I found out this was his first major role.  The guy knocked it out of the park.  Drew Waters took over the role of Red as an adult, and the transition was seamless.  The Texas oil man still chasing his dream of becoming a billionaire was just as I’d pictured Red, and seeing how the family ended up…the way they ended up, was a bit heartbreaking.  Just as watching young Red fall in love with his Hannah was breathtaking.

Then there’s Gus.  He’s played by Brian Dennehey in The Ultimate Gift, and I couldn’t wait to see what he would look like in The Ultimate Life.  Seeing their friendship develop throughout this film was just awesome, because they have such a competitive relationship of friendly one-upmanship.  And the young Gus, played by Jack DePew, has just the right mix of  humor, snark, competitive drive and friendly attitude.

Surprise, surprise, there are books that go along with the movies.  They’re titled The Ultimate Gift, The Ultimate Life and The Ultimate Journey by Jim Stovall.  Check out Jason Steven’s limo driver in The Ultimate Life movie, because the author makes a cameo there.  I recommend reading the books also, because…well, you already know how I feel about that.  Just read Book Before Movie? Movie Before Book?.

The author is based in my home town of Tulsa, Oklahoma, and he has written more than 20 books, four of which have been made into movies now.  Jim Stovall is also a motivational speaker and President of the Narrative Television Network as well.  The Narrative Television Network makes movies and television accessible for the blind and visually impaired and their families.  Even though it was originally designed for individuals who are visually impaired, a large percentage of people who tune into programming are like me.  They don’t have issues with their eyesight, but they enjoy the programming.  Sometimes it is as simple as not being able to see the television from the kitchen. (If I were more motivated I would do something about that, but I don’t have to.  NTN tells me what’s going on, and keeps me from moving furniture…and fish tanks.)  He’s even been an Olympic weightlifter too.  Just please don’t ask me which book is my favorite, because I’d have a really hard time answering.

Did I mention The Ultimate Life comes to theaters September 6th?  Just in case I forgot, September 6th-8th is opening weekend.  Go see it.  There will be no regrets!  You can get tickets here.

‘Til next time,


The Nerdist is Awesome…Enjoy Your Burrito

An example of the Wild West influenced clothin...

Nathan Fillion as Malcom “Mal” Reynolds in Firefly and Serenity. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I learn about all kinds of stuff through Twitter.  The Nerdist is one of those things.  I discovered all this through following Nathan Fillion.  You know Nathan Fillion right?  I may have mentioned him once or twice.  Buffy, Firefly, Serenity, Castle, Dr. Horrible…I’m stopping now because this is not the point.  (I’m working on staying on point here.  How am I doing so far?)  He tweeted about The Thrilling Adventure Hour  with a link to the podcast.


This is a staged production done in the style of an old-time radio show, and then broadcast as a podcast.  It is fantastic and awesomely entertaining.  You can listen to the adventures of Sparks Nevada Marshal on MarsBeyond BeliefCaptain LaserbeamThe Cross-Time Adventures of Colonel Tick-Tock, and Cactoid Jim.  The episodes are written by Ben Acker and Ben Blacker and produced by Aaron Ginsberg.  Players and guest stars include Nathan Fillion (as mentioned), Paget Brewster (you might recognize her from Criminal Minds), Paul Tomkins (Mr. Show, LA Complex)…oh, there are too many to list.  Just go to their site and check it out.


The first time I listened to Cactoid Jim, I heard them mention the word Nerdist during the credits.  I asked myself, what is this Nerdist of which they speak? (well, maybe not exactly like that…okay, maybe exactly like that, but definitely not out loud.) That’s how I found the Nerdist Podcast.  Basically it is Chris Hardwick, usually with Matt Mira and Jonah Ray, having a conversation with a different celebrity or celebrities every episode, and this happens twice a week.  Yep, twice a week.  I haven’t listened to one that wasn’t immensely entertaining (warning there is no censoring for…well, anything). These are a handful of the guests that they’ve had on their podcast over the last couple of months (okay, some of these may or may not still waiting in my queue , but it isn’t for a lack of trying) George RR Martin, Joss Whedon, Jeff Bridges, Charlie Day, Charlie Hunnam, and Misha Collins just to name a few.  This doesn’t include any of the San Diego Comic-Con stuff they recorded live either.  One of my favorites out of this list was the podcast with Misha Collins.


English: Misha Collins at the 2011 Comic Con i...

Misha Collins plays Castiel on Supernatural, and I am a huge Supernatural fan.  This is a show I’ve watched since its inception, and it scared the bejesus out of me.  My best friend and I used to call each other up just to have the “oh-my-god-can-you-believe-what-we-just-saw” conversations.  We tried to have them while the show was on, but quickly discovered that it aired at different rates in Chicago and where she lives.   (Fine I suck at sticking to the point.) I am, at times, physically unable to keep my mouth shut.  This led to spoilers when I was on commercial break and she wasn’t.  The recap call was an acceptable compromise…aka the only possible compromise if I wanted her to still be my friend. She actually hates spoilers more than I do. (This is odd because she almost always reads the last page of a book FIRST.)


 During the podcast they were discussing SupernaturalGISHWHES (Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen), costumes, Scotland, and all and sundry topics that came to their pretty little minds.  Including the non-profit organization that Misha works with, Random Acts, that looks to change the world, one act of kindness at a time.  (Love that!)  It was the most entertaining two hours I’d spent at work in a long while. (Wait what?  Not at work…I mean…ummm…) Thanks to this podcast I WILL be participating in GISHWHES next year (I missed the deadline for entry this year by just a couple of days.  I had to make sure I wasn’t going to be traveling for work before I could commit.  Seriously, my boss will put up with a lot, but from what I’ve seen from last year’s…that may leave me without a job if I tried to participate while I was working.)  GISHWHES  received entry into the Guinness Book of World Records two years running for the World’s largest Media Scavenger Hunt.  (By the way did you know that the Guinness Book of World Records was indeed created by the man who created Guinness Beer?  Things I learned in Ireland.) Last year there were over 140,000 participants from 90 countries and each person was on a team of 15 people.  Be prepared…the scavenger hunt consists of acts of kindness as well as…well, creative endeavors? (I’m not sure what you call an 8 foot T-Rex made of sanitary napkins other than a creation, but it was definitely something.)  It just sounds like a lot of zany fun.  My friends and family will either come closer together in love and fun and happiness….or in an effort to lock me up in an asylum (Do they still have asylums or are they just institutions?  Asylum sounds so much more ominous!).


Buzz Aldrin salutes the U.S. flag on Mare Tran...

Back to the point….again.  (Seriously, I am trying to stay on topic.)  Then I discovered BBC America…yeah, I know, but there is a television show!  Yes, The Nerdist is also a television show that comes on after Orphan Black on Saturday evening. (No, I don’t know what time, everything gets DVR’d, my friend.  Like 9:00pm Central? The lineup goes Doctor Who, Orphan Black, and then The Nerdist.)  The show is just as entertaining as the podcast.  Chris Hardwick, Matt Mira & Jonah Ray talk with a celebrity guest or two, there’s a stand-up comic in there and then they play a game…it is all a lot funnier than I make it sound (so kind of like the podcast but with visuals…and games and stuff).  My favorite episode so far was the one with Buzz Aldrin (astronaut) and Bobak Ferdowsi (NASA’s mohawk guy.  Poor guy, one day he’ll be known for more than just his hair, really.  He works for NASA for crying out loud, he’s brilliant!)  Just to see two eras of space exploration together on the same show was amazing in and of itself.  One man, Buzz Aldrin, actually set foot on the moon.  I mean, just think about that.  Walked. On. The. Moon.  It kind of blows the mind.  I can only imagine…The other was actually in the control room when Curiosity landed on Mars just over a year ago.  He helped to land a vessel on another planet…another PLANET.  This is like real life people, not some science fiction thing!  All science.  No fiction.  The closest I will ever get to either of those things is to look out at the night sky and imagine.  At least I always know which one the moon is (it is kind of hard to miss) but Mars is another story entirely. (Yes, I totally wanted to be an astronaut when I was a kid.)  Yes, I can easily miss Mars in the night sky…astronomy was not good to me.


This podcast has even given me a list of games that I want to try out.  Yes, even games.  I have discovered that I really am not good at the first person shooter games. (Therefore I dislike them immensely.)  However, I really enjoy the role playing games like Assassin’s Creed.  (I also found out that I need to start at the beginning of that game like with Assassin’s Creed I and not Assassin’s Creed III, no wonder I was so confused with the story!  Luckily, my nephew has them all.  I’m borrowing them.  There is no shame.)  So, Chris Hardwick mentions that he really loves Bioshock Infinite right now, and I look it up.  It looks pretty cool.  I think I’ll check it out.  I’m telling you The Nerdist is like a gateway drug for all things geek…well, maybe I was already there anyway, but you get my point, right? (Not that I stayed anywhere near my point for any length of time, but I tried…sort of.)

Nerdist at Meltdown Comics

Nerdist at Meltdown Comics (Photo credit: Sam Howzit)

The Nerdist podcast introduced me to Geek Week on YouTube also…you’ll be seeing more from that, I can assure you.  They also have a completely random tagline (well, probably not random to them…or maybe it is.) They sign off every show with “Enjoy your burrito.”  So ladies and gentlemen, checkout The Nerdist!  There are many amazing things happening there worth enjoying…although I don’t think they have burritos.  Weird.


What did you want to be when you were a kid?


Do you listen to podcasts? Which ones?


Have you ever committed a random act of kindness?  What was it?


What role playing games would you recommend?


‘Til next time….enjoy your burrito,





I Think He Created an Army

Tom Hiddleston’s Loki from Thor and The Avengers has quickly become one of the most loved villains in recent history.  Mr. Hiddleston recently appeared as Loki at this year’s San Diego Comic Con to introduce the new trailer for Thor 2: The Dark World. This is what happened…

Seriously, who can resist?

Who is your favorite villain?

For All the Firefly Fans…Stay Shiny, My Friends

firefly“Take my love, take my land
Take me where I cannot stand
I don’t care, I’m still free
You can’t take the sky from me
Take me out to the black
Tell them I ain’t comin’ back
Burn the land and boil the sea
You can’t take the sky from me
There’s no place I can be
Since I found Serenity
But you can’t take the sky from me…”
― Joss Whedon