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Just Before the Dawn

As most people who know me will attest, this is not the time of day I prefer.  Don’t tell them, but sometimes I like to get up really early, especially this time of year when the air is cool and crisp.  Arming myself, with a super-cozy sweater or quilt and a cup of tea, I’ll sit out on the porch as long as I can, just to listen to my corner of the world come awake.matutine

Overwhelmed and Inspired

Oh yeah, I’m familiar with this feeling.  It is nice to put a name to it.

Introducing the Eternal Optimist

I’m often accused of this.  As I see it, there is nothing wrong with optimism as long as it is balanced with a good dose of realism.  Looking for the best possible outcome as long as you can plan for the reality that you’re not always going to get what you want gives me a bit more enthusiasm, my smile a little quicker, and helps me look forward to my day.micawber

The Opposite of Me

Okay, not really the opposite of me, but darkness isn’t my favorite.  Yes, I may let my imagination run away with me more often than not, and there are things that you can’t see that go bump in the darkness.  Maybe there’s a reason so many people are a little afraid of it.  I’m just saying.Nyctophilia

Evening Serenity

The time of year will soon be on us that I love the most.  When the evenings begin to stretch out, the bugs start to leave you alone, and I can sit out in the evening and just breathe it all in.  This makes me think of twilight spent on a porch watching the light fade after the kind of day you know you never want to forget.serein

I Just Love Trees

This is one of my favorite sounds.  I’ve spent a lot of time laying on my back on the trampoline at my parents house, under the trees, just listening to the sound of the wind in the leaves and watching the sunlight dance through the shade…there’s also been more than one argument between a squirrel and my dog.  Seriously, they were talking to each other and it wasn’t particularly friendly on either side.

‘Til next time,


A Feeble Attempt at Humor?

I don’t compulsively tell puns…that doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy it from time to time…I can be very puny!  Fine, occasionally I just can’t resist.


That’s All I Have to Say About That

kakistocracyThere’s actually a word for this!  Hm…I’m just leaving this one as it is.

‘Til next time,


More Beautiful for Having Been Broken

This kintsukuroiis a technique that I’ve read about, and I’ve seen a view pieces in museums.  The broken pieces veined with gold are truly gorgeous.  This is a concept that appeals too, that something or someone isn’t useless for having been broken, but is more valuable and beautiful in the broken places.

‘Til next time,


Dream A Little Dream

EuneirophreniaWaking up from a good dream just sets the day off right…unless, it is so wonderful you don’t want to wake up.  I had no idea there was actually a word for that feeling.

‘Til next time,