This Is Why I Fly Southwest


Stuff like this is why I travel Southwest.  I don’t work for them, and they’re not sponsoring this in any way, I just travel a lot.  Any time I get the chance, I’ll pick Southwest.  Although, I haven’t had any flight attendants who were quite that funny, but they’ve come pretty darn close. My flights have been serenaded by the flight attendants, treated to comedy shows by both the attendants and the pilots, and in general treated as real live human beings.   Their enjoyment of their jobs shines through, every time.

When I think about the people on planes, myself included, I realize the flight attendants have really difficult jobs serving clientele who are, more often than not, already travel worn, weary, and sometimes nervous about the whole process (we’re leaving off the air sick ones, because…eww).  In other words, not at their best, and they still try to make the travel experience a little better and more pleasant.  They’re always thanking us for choosing to travel with them, but anyone who can make a 6:00 am  or a 10:00 pm flight a little more comfortable or fun always gets a warm smile and a “thank you” from me.


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2 thoughts on “This Is Why I Fly Southwest

    1. Usually, that’s the way to go, but the TARDIS can be a bit temperamental at times. When she locks me out, I have to take airplanes.

      I’ve never flown Asiana. I don’t actually know if I’ve ever taken a trip where that was an option! If I get the chance I’ll have to try it out though. 🙂

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