Great Song For A Good Cause

Troye Sivan came to my attention through John Green’s Facebook page. Has a great song, titled “The Fault in Our Stars”, and it’s inspired by Green’s The Fault in Our Stars. If you haven’t read this book, go do it! It is a fantastic book, and the song is pretty amazing too. Here’s the best part though, Troye is donating all the proceeds from his song to his local hospital’s oncology department. How cool is that?

When I did my Random Acts of Kindness 2013 project, the response was great.  The part that still surprises me is that people think that others are not out there doing the same kinds of things every day.  They are, we just aren’t looking. Don’t get me wrong, we can all do more good things for people.  Troye’s inspired me to do something good for someone today.  I don’t know what it will be yet, but I’ll come up with something before the clock ticks over to Saturday.

What about you?  What good things do you see people doing?

Buy the song on Bandcamp – 100% of proceeds go to the PMHF:

‘Til next time,

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