Sherlock: The Network…Something to Tide Us Over Until Season 4

Want to help Sherlock and John solve cases?  The creators of Sherlock are releasing a mobile game (January 20th UK, January 27th US) allowing you to become part of Sherlock’s Homeless Network.  We’re all going to need something to tide us over until Season 4 comes along, right?  (Wow, that sounded a bit like a commercial, but no matter what I write it ends up sounding like a commercial. This is not an advertisement!)  I just keep finding new fans of the BBC’s Sherlock, so I have a need to share stuff.  (Sorry…not sorry enough to stop though.) 

Sherlockology has a piece describing the game.  When I read about it last week, I was intrigued.  I’m not a big gamer, but it sounded fun.  There’s exclusive video of John Watson (Martin Freeman) and Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch), voice mails, and 10 new cases for players to solve.  Now instead of mourning the time between Season 3 and Season 4 of this highly addicting show, we can become part of the adventure. Sherlock: The Network will be released for iPhone and iPad. (There will be an Android release also, but they don’t have a date set yet.)  What sold the app for me was the video below.

Now, as interesting as the game sounds, I’m not much of a gamer. (I like playing, but I kind of forget about it.  There always seems to be a book waiting or a good movie I haven’t seen…my nephew makes fun of me a lot for my lack of skill, and I don’t like to do things I’m not at least halfway good at.)  However, this morning I came across this YouTube video preview of the game…

Now, I’m hooked.  Maybe I just needed to see how it would come together first.  What do you think?  Sherlockology released a review of the game here. (let’s face it, if you waited for me to play all the way through the game to write a review, you’d be here a while.)

If you haven’t checked out Sherlockology before, I highly recommend it.  They have great reviews, monthly anagram puzzles, Sherlockabilia, and lots of other stuff.  They won a Shorty Award for best fan site in 2013 and they’re up for another this year.  We can all use a little more of the Baker Street Boys in our lives.
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