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Missed Me?

Moriarty? No?

Sorry, not actually Moriarty, but with with announcement that the Christmas(ish) special of Sherlock will be released in cinemas worldwide, I couldn’t resist.  Of course, we’ve missed Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman!  I’m not even going to mention the rest of the cast, because it would just take to long.  However, you have not been forgotten (as all the weird stuff posted on the internet will let you know), your loyal audience has missed you!

When will we get to see the dynamic duo in action in the 1890’s no less? (not that dynamic duo, the other one)  We’ve no idea.  They’re keeping that close to the vest, but lets face it, when don’t they?  Gatiss and Moffatt love their secrets like they love…well, Sherlock.

As for me, hopefully, I won’t give you quite as much of a chance to miss me from here on out. Maybe it took the impending long-awaited Christmas-y special to bring me out of my cave, but here I am.  I can’t have you thinking of me as the bad guy now, can I?

‘Til next time,


HERE BE SPOILERS! Narrow it Down: Sherlock Video by Grable424

I love the video.  I’ve already watched it twice, but seriously, if you haven’t seen the Series 3 episodes, don’t watch.

Sherlock: The Network…Something to Tide Us Over Until Season 4

Want to help Sherlock and John solve cases?  The creators of Sherlock are releasing a mobile game (January 20th UK, January 27th US) allowing you to become part of Sherlock’s Homeless Network.  We’re all going to need something to tide us over until Season 4 comes along, right?  (Wow, that sounded a bit like a commercial, but no matter what I write it ends up sounding like a commercial. This is not an advertisement!)  I just keep finding new fans of the BBC’s Sherlock, so I have a need to share stuff.  (Sorry…not sorry enough to stop though.) 

Sherlockology has a piece describing the game.  When I read about it last week, I was intrigued.  I’m not a big gamer, but it sounded fun.  There’s exclusive video of John Watson (Martin Freeman) and Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch), voice mails, and 10 new cases for players to solve.  Now instead of mourning the time between Season 3 and Season 4 of this highly addicting show, we can become part of the adventure. Sherlock: The Network will be released for iPhone and iPad. (There will be an Android release also, but they don’t have a date set yet.)  What sold the app for me was the video below.

Now, as interesting as the game sounds, I’m not much of a gamer. (I like playing, but I kind of forget about it.  There always seems to be a book waiting or a good movie I haven’t seen…my nephew makes fun of me a lot for my lack of skill, and I don’t like to do things I’m not at least halfway good at.)  However, this morning I came across this YouTube video preview of the game…

Now, I’m hooked.  Maybe I just needed to see how it would come together first.  What do you think?  Sherlockology released a review of the game here. (let’s face it, if you waited for me to play all the way through the game to write a review, you’d be here a while.)

If you haven’t checked out Sherlockology before, I highly recommend it.  They have great reviews, monthly anagram puzzles, Sherlockabilia, and lots of other stuff.  They won a Shorty Award for best fan site in 2013 and they’re up for another this year.  We can all use a little more of the Baker Street Boys in our lives.
‘Til next time,


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Sherlock Season 3 – Teasers, Tips, and Treats

Sherlock (TV series)

Sherlock (TV series) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Thank you, thank you, thank you for the tips on how to watch Season 3 online!  Hola worked great.  Even after all the tips and assurances that it would work, I still double checked it early by watching the Graham Norton Show (Oh, I just love that show.  It is one of the things that just generally makes me happy.)…just to make sure.  I wasn’t taking any chances!  Since New Year’s Day, I’ve been watching…repeatedly.  There will definitely be a Sherlock Watch Party (any ideas are welcome), but I think I’m going to wait until the DVD/Blu-Ray comes out next month.  (Apparently, everyone’s schedules don’t bow to my wishes…who knew?) This is something that I need to watch my friends’ and fellow aficionados’ faces as they watch.


The Graham Norton Show

The Graham Norton Show (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I really want to write a review for the first two episodes of this season, but I don’t want to give anything away.  I’ve avoided even the “Spoiler-Free” reviews so far, because I love surprises.  Watching everything unfold without any predetermined expectations is so much more fun for me than going in knowing that person 1 loved everything, but person 2 thought they could have done this better, etc.  What I will say is that I’ve missed the characters, and watching them in this new season has kind of felt like catching up with old friends. I haven’t found sections that dragged or anything, and I’ve enjoyed it more than I expected.


People had mentioned that PBS edited the show for time and content, so I DVR’d A Scandal in Belgravia to watch and see what/how much was actually cut.  Yeah…they took out the scene with Sherlock’s deduction in Buckingham palace and the bit where Sherlock steals the ashtray.  That was one of my favorites! (Okay, fine they’re all my favorites, but that isn’t the point.)  The scene not only explains why John has a lighter at Irene Adler’s home in order to set off the smoke detectors, but also exemplifies the growing friendship between the two men.  For a “high-functioning sociopath” Sherlock listens to John, and thinks about what will make his friend happy…even when that is just an ashtray taken out from under Mycroft’s nose…okay, so that probably makes them both happy.


Now we’re two episodes in to Season 3, and the final episode is coming up on Sunday…a) I’m not ready to say goodbye to the team at Sherlock quite yet b) um…I’m a little afraid…here’s the trailer.



If you’ve already seen any of these episodes and want to discuss, please feel free to email (ilovegeekology101@gmail.com) me!  I’m not posting anything remotely spoiler-y here, on my Tumblr (ilovegeekology101), or Twitter (@ilovegeekology), but I’ll happily discuss! No one else I know has seen any of it yet, so….I’m about ready to burst.  (Yes, this is a shameless plea to talk about the details of this show with someone who a) knows and b) cares.)


I’ve been diligently searching the internet and Pinterest for ideas for a simple(ish) Sherlock Watch Party, and I’ve found a few ideas out there.  They’re good, but I don’t know if they’re necessarily…right.  This is something that doesn’t have to be on the scale of the Doctor Who party I hosted in November.  Maybe something a little subtler? (Friends, family…stop laughing…really…I can do subtle!)






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