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LEGO + Doctor Who = Happy I Love Geekology


Lego Doctor Who Concept photo from Lego

So, there I was just bouncing through the web.  A little bored, and definitely ready for the weekend when I came across Geeks of Doom.  Definitely worth checking out, right?  There I found the post that made my day. (Maybe even my week.  It’s been a little rough.)  LEGO CUUSOO is accepting fan submissions for Doctor Who LEGOs.  Yip-eee!

What’s the big deal, you ask?  Well, back when I discovered this nifty little site, I poked around to see if I could find any Doctor Who sets, because…just because.  When I searched for Doctor Who I found the following message.

Sometimes we have to turn down project submissions that refer to specific brands or licensed properties. We do this to avoid getting your hopes up for something we know we aren’t able to make. In these cases, we already know the LEGO Group can’t secure licensing rights to produce construction toys based on a particular brand or property, due to a conflicting interest with a third party. If such a conflict goes away, we’ll then be able to accept projects based on a particular brand or license.

Bummer.  That is just no fun at all.  The licensing conflict has been resolved, and the floor is open for submissions.  When I searched the site today, I find 29 submitted projects.  Most of these have gone up in the last 5 hours.  Yes, please.  Do you know what that makes me?

Yes, indeed.  This makes me happy.  Also, this may be my official Friday afternoon song…Whovians the world over are one step closer to getting the Doctor Who Lego sets they’ve been clamoring for.  Personally, I’m glad someone will give me directions for making the inside of the TARDIS…I wasn’t doing so well on my own.

‘Til next time,


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The F-word: Then and Now

Kathy Miller

In 1968, Gloria Biggs was the executive women’s editor at TODAY, a Gannett newspaper in Coco, Florida. She wrote a column headlined “To Catch a Woman” for a trade publication in which she provided advice about how women’s newspaper sections could cater more successfully to target readers. In the penultimate paragraph she noted:

I’d like to emphasize that I’m not a feminist. I’m not like that early 20th Century suffragette leader who gave a discouraged follower some advice: “Call on God, my dear! She will help you!” I’m not a feminist. I’m glad to have men run the show.

Years later, when Gloria donated her papers to the Women and Journalism archive at the University of Missouri, she affixed a post-it note to this page that read, “Nancy – I wince when I read the lines above on not being a feminist but then realize that in 1968…

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Daredevil is Coming…




Daredevil (Marvel Comics)

No, we’re not talking about that movie…  Marvel announced today that Daredevil is coming to Netflix.  Filming is set to begin in Summer 2014, and the program will primarily be filmed in New York State and produced by Marvel in association with ABC Television Studios.  This is Marvel’s biggest leap into live-action television, and is reported to represent the largest film or television project commitment in New York State history.



Not only will viewers get to see nearly 60 planned one-hour episodes featuring the 4 Defenders: Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist, this production will ring nearly 3,000 jobs to New Yorkers, and that includes up to 400 full-time positions.



Governor Cuomo said, “New York is where the entertainment industry started, and this unprecedented commitment from Disney and Marvel is further evidence that we’re bringing it back bigger and better than ever before.” – Marvel’s Netflix Series to Film in New York City,, February 26, 2014

Immortal Iron Fist #1. Art by David Aja.

With the filming scheduled in New York, it is kind of like the “flawed heroes of Hell’s Kitchen” are coming home.



“We thank the Governor and the great state of New York for helping us create the ultimate backdrop to this epic series.  Setting our production in New York City truly underscores the authenticity and excitement we plan to bring to The Defenders and their ‘flawed heroes of Hell’s Kitchen’ stories,” said Marvel Entertainment’s President, Alan Fine. – Marvel’s Netflix Series to Film in New York City,, February 26, 2014

Like I didn’t have enough reasons to watch Netflix already…

‘Til next time,









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How Do You Torture Cookie Monster?

Just ask Tom Hiddleston. He does a pretty good job. Tom teaches Cookie Monster about delayed gratification…I think that requires self-control, doesn’t it?

There have been lots of conversations about Tom Hiddleston in my circle of awesome people lately.  I can think of a lot worse things to discuss!

‘Til next time,


Each Frame Tells a Story: An Interview with Cinematographer Steve Lawes

It is always wonderful to find someone who shares my obsessions. This is such a great interview that I couldn’t resist reblogging it.


By Mary Jo Watts (mid0nz)


Photo of Benedict Cumberbatch (L) as Sherlock Holmes, and Steve Lawes (R) by Robert Viglasky.
Used with permission.

I’m hopelessly, obsessively besotted with BBC Sherlock. It’s impossible for me to temper my enthusiasm for Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss’s modern adaptation. At 43 years old, I’m proud to call myself a unabashed fangirl of the show and to count myself among the millions of others who comprise its global fandom.

It was when I watched the credits roll on The Great Game, season one’s gripping cliffhanger, that I realized I’d become utterly immersed in the Sherlock universe because of its stunning visuals. Part of the plot of that episode has to do with a Vermeer painting and it delighted me that a pivotal scene had been lit in homage to the Dutch master.

Those credits revealed to me that it was cinematographer…

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Lines in the sand

I came across this just as I was finishing my second cup of tea this morning. Now, I think I’ll need another. I’ve never tried Yorkshire tea, but I will be now! 🙂

Electronicbaglady's Bag of Bits

I was watching one of those clichéd movie moments the other night instead of doing something productive. It was the moment when the hero says something similar to “That’s a line I will not cross!”. Usually there is dramatic body language attached, including miming drawing a line, presumably in mimed sand.


I recently discovered within myself a steely core of resistance in another area. In retrospect it was not really surprising but I was a little taken aback at the time.

It involved tea.

There is no doubt that clichés are popular because they resonate within us, and highlight something we all recognise. In this case, we all have limits to what we are prepared to do. Milgram’s infamous experiments purported to demonstrate that people can be pushed further if someone in a white coat and with an air of authority is doing the pushing. Whatever the validity of the…

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Tulsa Makes News for Music

PhotoWow, I totally meant to post this last week.  Although, now that I think about it, today works better.  On the heels of Saturday’s Imagine Dragons concert, it seems fitting to show off my fine city.  National Geographic wrote an article, Tulsa: Tailor-Made for Music.  I’ve raved about Cain’s Ballroom before, and I’m sure I’ll do it again.  It remains one of my all time favorite places to catch a show.  Tulsan’s love our music, and the first Friday of every month, Downtown Tulsa offers up music, museum, galleries and more in the Brady District to visitors free of charge for First Friday Art Crawl.


The Philbrook has opened up a downtown location, there is a glass blowing studio, galleries, Guthrie Green (named after the famous Woody Guthrie), The Woody Guthrie Center, restaurants, bars, theaters….downtown has gone from a ghost town after 5pm to a vibrant, lively place to be.  Let’s not forget baseball too!  Opening day is quickly approaching it it will be time to catch the Tulsa Drillers in action at ONEOK Field.  (Oh, the glories of spring!)  Now all I need is for some warmer weather to really enjoy strolling around downtown…ah, a margarita on the patio of Elote or the rooftop of El Guapo is calling my name….


‘Til next time,






Strangers with cookies: How a TED Talk inspired college students to do a highly altruistic act during finals week

Random Acts of Kindness, Cookies, and Pharrell Williams’s “Happy”…pure awesomeness.

TED Blog

The McGregor Reading Room at the University of Virginia is sometimes referred to as the “Harry Potter Room.” All  bookshelves, oriental carpets and chandeliers, the room earned its nickname for its posh look and the fact that it’s a favorite spot for studying. But last December, this room filled with a little real-life magic: the smell of freshly baked cookies.

One night during finals week, three friends — brothers Danisch and Faiq Malik, along with longtime pal Intesar “Thar” Tariq — bought nine boxes of chocolate chip cookies and passed them out in the reading room, gratis. This random act of kindness was inspired by Shawn Achor’s TED Talk, “The happy secret to better work.”[ted_talkteaser id=1344]

Faiq Malik, a fourth year at American University, was the first in the group to watch the talk. “I took last semester off because I had a lower-back surgery,” he explains. “I…

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Adorable Ukulele Playing Kid

Yes, he’s better at playing the ukulele than I am. I guess I know one thing I’m doing today!

I Couldn’t Have Asked for A Better Introduction to the World of Live Music

ImagineDragons20You may have noticed that I love live music.  I went to more shows, concerts and music festivals in 2013 than I even had time to write about for you!  Muse, Alabama Shakes, Center of the Universe Festival, Seether, ScotFestRascal Flatts, Jay-Z, and Zac Brown Band all in 2013, and it was marvelous!  (I think I may be forgetting some smaller ones too…oops!)  If I’m given the option, I will pick something with live music over just about any other form of entertainment.  I don’t even have to know who the performers are, just give me music.  This is the kind of enthusiasm worth sharing and passing down.  In an effort to infect someone else with this passion, this weekend I took my nephew to his first concert, and, man, did we pick a great one. Nico Vega, The Naked and Famous, and Imagine Dragons played at the BOK Center to a sold out crowd, and it was awesome.

Nico Vega

Nico Vega

Nico Vega opened, and although we missed the first song or two, the set was great. With her bouncing blonde ponytail, sparkling jumpsuit and contagious energy, she definitely got the crowd moving. Nico Vega’s lyrics and impressive voice definitely deserve a search on Spotify.

The Naked and Famous

The Naked and Famous

The Naked and Famous were next.  They come from New Zealand.  (I don’t know what that has to do with anything other than I want to go there.)  Their opening visuals were stunning, but their first song took my by surprise. The match up of vocals and beat were unusual, but not bad. Not something I could dance to, but it was definitely interesting. By the end of the song I enjoyed it.  The rest of the songs were wonderful, and I particularly enjoyed the male vocal lead and guitarist. They all had great stage presence and energy, and The Naked and Famous have earned a couple of spots on my playlist.

Imagine Dragons Radioactive

Imagine Dragons- Radioactive

The main attraction took the stage in a swirl of light and fog. Imagine Dragons were even better than I expected. Dan Reynolds exudes enthusiasm and passion for his work and his audience. Never was that more apparent than this evening. The Imagine Dragons frontman became visibly emotional when talking about the importance of tonight’s performance. “This is a special night,” he said.  “Probably the most special night of the tour.”
All of the proceeds for the show went to the Tyler Robinson Foundation.  Tyler Robinson was introduced to the band three years ago when Tyler’s brother sent an email to Dan Reynolds. Tyler was sixteen and had cancer and was coming to a performance. The two struck up an unlikely friendship. One year ago Tyler succumbed to his illness, and Imagine Dragons teamed up with the Robinson family and the Tyler Robinson Foundation was born. The Foundation assists families with the unseen costs that all too often accompany a battle with childhood cancer.   With Tyler’s family in attendance, they dedicated Tyler’s favorite song “It’s Time” to their lost friend, and the crowd lifted up their voices to join in. I have never heard a more beautiful choir sing, and it don’t know of an individual there who wasn’t moved.


Then the party started.  These guys seriously rock.  They’re a new(ish) band, having formed just five years ago, and since then have skyrocketed. Even after winning a Grammy for “Radioactive” this year, you get the distinct sense they have a hard time believing that playing for a sold out arena is actually part of their lives.  They have fun with their shows, and a concert is always so much better when you can tell that the people on stage have fun with it and truly love what they do.  Imagine Dragons love what they do.

BGCTIE15Between Dan Reynolds and guitarist Wayne Sermon playing the drums that scattered the stage, Wayne’s seriously awesome guitar solos, and the enormous confetti filled balloons that made an appearance during “Top of the World”, I think my nephews first concert will be far from his last.  He might even let me dance next time, because, let me tell you, refraining from dancing at this one was hard….really hard….really, really hard.  Once again, I left the show with no voice to speak of (which my nephew thought was hilarious), a new t-shirt, some great pictures to go with a perfect introduction to the world of live music.  Before we made it back to the car, he was already asking about the next one.  Enjoy it, kid.

‘Til next time,


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