YouTube’s Geek Week & Neil deGrasse Tyson’s 10 Reasons to Love Science

This year YouTube had a Geek Week. It is running from August 4-10, and while I didn’t tune in every day to watch videos. (Seriously, I do have stuff to do that doesn’t involve books, computers, and television…really!)  I did check out a few videos that I wanted to share because, they were hella cool.  The first comes from astrophysicist Neal deGrasse Tyson on Brainiac Tuesday.  I follow this guy on Twitter, and I’ve seen him on panels with people like Neil Gaiman as well.  He’s brilliant.  (The internet is a weird place, for real.)  He makes science interesting and accessible for those of us who aren’t real sciency types.  Listening or reading him is the same way I feel watching a Discovery Channel episode of Stephen Hawking. It reaffirms what an amazing universe we live in and how much we know…and how much we really don’t know about how it works.  These kind of things fascinate me, just don’t make me do the math to prove the theories…please.

‘Til next time,



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