I Don’t Want to Grow Up….LEGOS!


LEGO logo
LEGO logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I have rediscovered a childhood toy.  Yes folks, LEGOs.  A grown woman has a Lego collection.  Now, I heard on the morning news they have a LEGO collection for adults (not that kind of adult, geez)…it is true.  I found it here.  Who says you have to be a kid….or have kids to play with toys?  However, I don’t just want to build Big Ben or The White House with my LEGOs.  Famous building are great and all, but well….pirate ships.


It all got started as I was searching for a Trivial Pursuit game with my friend.  We wandered down the LEGO aisle on our way to the board games and I remarked that I really missed LEGOs, and I needed more kids in my life.  That way I’d get to play with them more.  Some random woman behind me said “Honey, if you want LEGOs, just buy yourself LEGOs.  You’re an adult.”  Damn skippy, I’m an adult!  I bought myself some LEGOs.  That has turned into 1, 2, 3….well, several more LEGO sets, for kids.  If you ever have a bad day, buy a LEGO set…as far as retail therapy goes, it is a lot less expensive than other options (designer handbag, shoes, that first edition I want for my if-I-were-a-rich-girl library)…pretty much anything other than books that I’ve found.  It puts a smile on my face.  Every. Single. Time.

411Y5Fhct5L._SX385_They’re awesome!  You can follow the directions and put together whatever is on the box or you can mix it up and build your own stuff…pirate ships.  My LEGO collection is no less geeky than the rest of my life.  The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, and The Avengers all have starring roles in my growing bin of LEGO pieces.  I have a Lego army, and my Zombie Apocalypse team kicks butt! (Guess who I blame for evaluating my LEGO zombie apocolypse team?  You know who you are.)  Well, as long as the it’s a LEGO zombie apocalypse.  Although, I’m sure that even a zombie would hop up and down in pain if they stepped on a LEGO, so…you never know.  Those suckers REALLY hurt!

What’s a favorite toy from your childhood that you wish you still had?  What’s a toy/game that you never gave up?

‘Til Next Time,



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