I just like the word hodgepodge.  Also, this word looks an awfully lot like Gallifrey…you know the planted the Doctor is from?  Coincidence?  Mycroft and Sherlock say the world is rarely so lazy.  Dang it!  There I go mixing my metaphors…or randoms as it were.  Oops? ‘Til next time, Jessica P.S. Now I’m thinking of Doctor […]


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I Like Big Words…

Oh, I really like this one,  the word, the definition, and the feeling.  When you wake up all warm and comfortable and just drift for a while, it is the best thing, especially when you don’t have to rush to get up and get moving.  Those moments feel like utter indulgence, so I guess it is […]

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Growing A Seductive Vocabulary

I love this little tidbit of a fact on so many levels.  “Darling” is something that tends to slip from my lips when I’m being particularly sarcastic, and seeing this makes it even more fitting.  What other terms of endearment may have come from something like “favorite minion”?  Just me, geeking out a little over […]

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