I Like Big Words…

dormivegliaOh, I really like this one,  the word, the definition, and the feeling.  When you wake up all warm and comfortable and just drift for a while, it is the best thing, especially when you don’t have to rush to get up and get moving.  Those moments feel like utter indulgence, so I guess it is fitting the word itself is Italian.  Having eaten at some amazing Italian restaurants and indulged in treats from Italian bakeries in Boston’s North End, I’m doing more than a little association with Italians and those finer things in life.

On the other hand, when you’re trying to wake from that cloying nightmare that you just know will drag you back down the instant you fall asleep again, it isn’t so blissful.  Hopefully, you get more of the good dormiveglia than the bad kind!
‘Til next time,



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