Growing A Seductive Vocabulary

Idarling love this little tidbit of a fact on so many levels.  “Darling” is something that tends to slip from my lips when I’m being particularly sarcastic, and seeing this makes it even more fitting.  What other terms of endearment may have come from something like “favorite minion”?  Just me, geeking out a little over how language evolves.

Ha!  Favorite minion.  I love it.  This is totally how I’m using “darling” from here on out.  It will be complete with mental pictures of the goofy little yellow guys from Despicable Me.  My friend with the minion ringtone will also know exactly what I mean when I call her “darling”.  Now my secret is exposed…I really suck at hiding my evil plans.  This is why I could never get away with world domination…not that I’m planning that or anything.  You believe me…right?

‘Til next time,



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