My Pull List

thepulllistA friend asked me how many books I was reading the other day. I asked if he was talking novels or comic books. He said both, and there were so many on the list, it was hard to give him a good number. I think I said something brilliant like “I dunno…maybe 20?” So…here’s a more concrete list. New things keep getting added, but nothing seems to get taken off. In my New Year’s Resolution post [link to post]. Something I didn’t mention was that I’m reading every evening for at least 30 minutes, and it has to be something that isn’t on a screen. (See…I’m trying to get better at actually sleeping too, but that’s a whole other story). That 30 minutes comes in helpful, because my pull list is massive, and that doesn’t include the to-read stack in my bookshelf. My favorite local comic shop closed, so I found my second favorite…which isn’t local at all, that will ship my books to me. New comic books day isn’t every Wednesday for me anymore, because…mail is slow, but I do get to look forward to a box each week that holds worlds and wonders. Here’s what’s on my list as of today. (These are in no order whatsoever.)

  1. Doomsday Clock
  2. Scarlet
  3. Suicide Squad: Black Files
  4. Coyotes
  5. Gideon Falls
  6. Oblivion Song
  7. Magic Order
  8. Paper Girls
  9. Realm
  10. Redlands
  11. Skyward
  12. Witchblade
  13. Baby Teeth
  14. Beyonders
  15. Sparrowhawk
  16. Vampironica
  17. X-Men Red
  18. Shadowman
Novels…well that’s another post in and of itself.
If you have questions or want me to review a particular book for you, just let me know.
‘Til next time,

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