The Book Is In the Freezer, Folks

I’m reading The Shining for the first time.  Are you a fan of the television show Friends?  You should be.  All kinds of life lessons there.  When a book scares you, the freezer really does work to help you sleep at night.  Thanks, Joey!

This is all in preparation for Stephen King’s visit to Tulsa.  See we’re getting a bookstore downtown in the Brady district, and it is kind of a big deal.  Magic City Books doesn’t even open until sometime next year, and I’m already excited. It would mean that I can go downtown for the First Friday Art Crawl, grab some dinner, check out some art, buy some books, enjoy a cocktail….oh yeah, it will be fun.  I need to make this happen, people.

Oh yeah!  The point is Mr. King is coming to Cain’s Ballroom (also in the Brady district) for an event, and I’m going.  However, I’m a scaredy cat and I’ve never read a single novel he’s written.  I’ve started several, but then I start thinking about the “what if” scenarios and then I start with the dreaming crazy things(this is all pretty impressive…some might say ridiculous, because really, I’ve scared myself before the book even gets remotely frightening)…this is where Joey’s freezer method will come in handy.  I’d forgotten about this until a couple of my friends (and Netflix) reminded me.

Some books require daytime reading…this includes all of Stephen Kings novels.  On Writing is fine to read at night though, that’s his memoir, not scary at all.

‘Til next time,


Man, I didn’t even read The Shining tonight, I just started thinking about it, and it wasn’t actually in the freezer yet.  I’m not at any of the scary parts yet, but then I started thinking about how they just moved into The Overlook.  I’ve seen the movie, people.  I know what’s coming!  It’s 11:00pm, and my stomach is all in knots and my heart is racing just thinking about REDRUM!  Now the book really is going in the freezer!




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