What Day Is Today? Top 10 “Happy” Things Today

That’s right.  Today is the “Happy” day.  Right now, I’m happy on a bunch of different levels.  Let’s make a list.  Today’s Top 10 Happy Things

  1. Having dinner with a great friend at my favorite restaurant
  2. Having another great friend watch Dexter, Lord of the Great Toy Wars
  3. Seeing my best friend in the morning (and for a whole, entire week!)
  4. Going to Boston
  5. Taking an actual vacation
  6. No real working on this vacation
  7. Sleeping. In.
  8. Indulging my inner history geek
  9. Baseball…at Fenway Park
  10. My niece getting her Driver’s License (I’m happy about that, right?)

BONUS: My sister recommended a great pair of jeans.  Totally worth the extra cash.

There are actually more things on my “happy” list, but I’ll just keep it to 10 today.  I have to save some for tomorrow’s list.  What’s on your “happy” list?  Jim Stovall calls it The Golden List, and he starts every day with one.  Honestly, I don’t remember to make my list every day, but I try.  The days with the list start better. 🙂

‘Til next time,



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