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First Look of Ben Affleck as Batman

First Look of Ben Affleck as Batman

Who was skeptical about Affleck playing Batman in the upcoming sequel to Man of Steel? Zach Snyder tweeted a picture of the new Batmobile with the former Daredevil yesterday.  Although, we all know that looks aren’t everything when it comes to film (You can’t deny he was yummy in red leather for Daredevil.) This peek at the much talked about film is encouraging.  What do you think?
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What New Comic Book Adaptation Will We See Next?

NBC’s Constantine will be premiering Friday’s this Fall. The official trailer released recently, so, of course, I had to take a look. I like John Constantine. He’s an intriguing character, and my interest was piqued with the 2005 Constantine starring Keanu Reeves and Rachel Weisz.  I’d already blazed by way through several Dresden Files books, and there are some definite similarities.  When the character crossed my path again in Neil Gaiman’s Sandman, I liked him even more. However, I haven’t gotten a chance to read any other comic book series he’s in, and, apparently, there are quite a few.

The NBC television show, features Welsh actor Matt Ryan, Lucy Griffiths, and Harold Perrineau, among others, and, based on the trailer, it’s worth a look. What do you think?

Also, if I want to read more about John Constantine, where do you think I should start?
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Hell Yes! Swearing Is Good For You, Study Says


Great news for all you pottymouths: a team of researchers have found that swearing is actually good for you. @!%# yes!

Psychologists at England’s Keele University say cursing is a harmless, creative emotional release that can make you feel stronger, the Daily Mailreports. Basically, they argue that profanity is often used as a coping mechanism and can help us feel more resilient.

Participants of the study were asked to play aggressive video games. After their sessions, they could recall a wider variety of curse words.

“The video games made people feel more aggressive so their language became more emotional and they swore,” senior lecturer Dr. Richard Stephens told the Daily Mail. “We want to use more taboo words when we are emotional. We grow up learning what these words are and using these words while we are emotional can help us to feel stronger.”

Okay, so…

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