Own Monday!

I have a great friend. Each and every morning, she sends me a series of text messages with pictures of very attractive men. Trust me, this is not a bad way to start the day….oops, I got distracted. Monday’s can be tough, and for all you Tom Hiddleston fans out there, I thought this might […]

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Normal Is Nothing To Aspire To

“You’re so weird.” For years, this was my niece and nephew’s favorite descriptive phrase for me. I always responded with something like “better than boring.” My mother’s much more eloquent. Every time they call someone weird, she tells them “Normal is nothing to aspire to.” I just adore that woman! When I saw this, I […]

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Hulk Smash

You’ll be completely surprised by this, because I never post anything about Legos (Just, you know, here and here and here and here and here?) I have Loki, and now I have Hulk…this is going to happen…very very soon. ‘Til next time, Jessica P.S. Okay, so there are enough Lego posts that I finally just gave […]

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Here’s My Weekend…

I know.  I know.  It is a bit repetitive, but I can’t stop singing this song!  It’s like a Pavlovian response now.  I realize it’s Friday, and the song starts playing in my head.  What can you do but pass it on?  (I also think of the movie Friday.  “You ain’t got no job…” Every. Time.) […]

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The Healing Power of Music

“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” ― Bob Marley     Music is, without a doubt, a balm for my soul.  It sweeps me up and can impact my mood for the entire day.  There are songs or artists that I turn to when I need to get my […]

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Concentrate, Concentrate…

Hugh Jackman and Elmo…wait, what was I supposed to be doing?  When I saw this one, I literally laughed out loud.  I’m so easily distracted, and I was supposed to be doing something else…not watching random Sesame Street videos on YouTube, for sure.  The “concentrate” video mostly put me back on task.  At work, we’re […]

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Waiting for Tuesday

I just realized about an hour ago that today is Tuesday. All day, I’ve been sitting here working away, thinking it was Monday…the gratitude that it is indeed Tuesday abounds. Tomorrow, I’m off. That means sleeping in (a bit), relaxing, and the company of a good friend. ‘Til next time, Jessica

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