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Mental Floss Is Awesome

Mental Floss Is Awesome


logo_mental_flossAlthough I’d heard about Mental Floss though YouTube videos and stuff posted by John and Hank Green on social media, I hadn’t really done more than just peeked at it from time to time.  Something made me decide to get a subscription last week, and in the course of doing that I signed up for an email with fun facts.  Since then I’ve learned a couple of things…


  1. Day 11 Zespri Kiwifruits platter 01

    Kiwifruits platter 01 (Photo credit: babe_kl)

    Beginning about this time of year bats migrate to Austin, TX and by the time they migrate back the bat population is twice that of the human population in Austin. (Even better because it arrived just before some colleagues when there for the Energy Thought Summit.)

  2. They’re working to develop a kiwifruit with an edible or easily peel-able skin…I’ve been craving kiwi fruit ever since.
  3. 18 Things You Didn’t Learn in History


Pythagoras had an irrational fear of beans.  An orphanage in Paris gave away babies as raffle prizes in 1921…maybe it is because I’m a history geek or maybe I just want to know all the things, but I really got a kick out of this list.  Julia Child was a spy!


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P.S. This also may be why I really love trivia games…also, why some people won’t play against me anymore.




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A Little Bank Humor

A Little Bank Humor

Here’s a little humor for my banking friends…all of whom are actually dog lovers…also for dog lovers…and people with a decent sense of humor…so, yeah, it’s for everybody.