The Weekend Begins In 3….2…1….

See what happens when you take a peek at your Twitter? Sebastian Roche posts a video of Pharrell Williams’s “Happy”…now I’m singing and dancing in my cubicle counting down until the weekend begins.

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My Reading List Got Longer…Again

John Greene, it is a good thing that I expect my reading list to be endless, because you’ve just added to it…again.  I found this video, 18 Great Books You Probably Haven’t Read.  Now I want to read…most of them.  Hitchhiking around Ireland with a refrigerator? Yes, this does indeed sound hilarious.  This may actually […]

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Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer

Hmmm…interesting. Very interesting. As I’m just beginning to explore the world of comic books, I’m not familiar with Guardians of the Galaxy, but this looks fun. Speaking of comic books….Whew! I thought I’d lost it. The Watchmen is next up on my reading list. Any other recommendations for me? Please and thank you! ‘Til next […]

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