Sometimes, Little Things Make Your Day



Okay, so maybe not completely life changing, but definitely frustration/time-saving.  Some days it is the little things that set your day off right.  Like, not spending 10 minutes untangling earbuds in order to watch that webinar. (Okay, bad example, because sometimes you know the webinar will suck and you really want to delay the inevitable.  That could just be me.) Maybe you just really need to purge the song that’s been stuck in your head for days by listening to it on Spotify, or drown out the sounds of office life with some good music.

The morning I came across this video, every set of earbuds I owned was a snarled, tangled mess, when I know I’d wrapped them neatly when I’d taken them off.  A couple of them were still wrapped up in a tidy little package and ended up snarled as I tried to unwrap them.  The pair on my desk was a mess, and all I’d done was take them out of my ears and set them down.  How does that happen? 

How to keep your earbuds from tangling
All I did was take them out of my ears and put them on the desk!

At this point you may be asking yourself every set of earbuds?  How many does she have?  (Maybe not, but I’ll tell you anyway.)  I think, there are five floating around my…space (work, home, purse, car, etc.).  Each stashed in a convenient or “safe place” (Usually “safe places” are bad.  Whatever I put there disappears…along with the mate to that sock I was looking for this morning.  On rare occasions, I do find the “safe place” again, but those are few and far between.)  I don’t need five pairs of earbuds, but I can’t seem to throw them away.  Every time I try, I think about what if I lost them or what if I forgot them and just got really bored…I don’t know.  It just seems like a good idea to keep spares, just in case.  (Why can’t I do that with things that actually matter?  You know, like…money.)  

None of this is actually the point.  The point is, I tested the method for saving myself the frustration of snarled earbuds.  It works.  Try it.  It has been 3 day(s) since the last incident. Let’s keep the streak alive, people.

‘Til next time,


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