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Get Wordy With Me

Get Wordy With Me

Have you experienced this feeling? Well, I sure have. As a matter of fact…yep. Heart beating a little fast, jumpy with excitement, a little nervous…oh yeah, I’ve got all that going on right now. Boston, here we come!
‘Til next time,
P.S. Did I mention I was going to Boston? I’m coming to Boston!

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This Is Boston

Nocturnal view of Boston metropolitan area captured by an #ISS crew member on April 6, 2013.

Lately, Boston has been on my mind, for a lot of reasons.  With the anniversary of the Boston Marathon Bombing yesterday, I’ve been thinking about how grateful I am that those I know who ran in the marathon escaped without physical injuries, even though the tragedy has become part of them.  Which led to wondering how people can really think violence is a good resolution for…anything.

That’s when I came upon this image taken from the International Space Station last year, and it is just breathtaking.  I get to see that up close and in-person next month (that would be the city, not the space station…although if you can make the space station thing happen, I wouldn’t turn it down!)  I’m so grateful that I have the opportunity and the resources that I’ll get to visit a city that played such an integral role in the creation United States.  A lot of history can be found in those streets, and I can’t wait to take it in.  The countdown has begun…

‘Til next time,


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Sherlock Season 3…

Sherlock (TV series)

Sherlock (TV series) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was holding out hope that BBC America would show Sherlock on January 1, 2013.  That hope has indeed been crushed.  Fortunately, I hadn’t planned an elaborate watch party or anything…okay, fine, I hadn’t bought anything for the elaborate watch party.

It wasn’t going to be quite as elaborate as my Doctor Who 50th Anniversary party, but it was going to be pretty stinking cool.  A traditional English tea was planned, I was even busting out a tea set my Grandmother gave me for the occasion.  Tea, cucumber sandwiches, maybe some ham sandwiches if anyone just disliked cucumber, cupcakes…maybe sausage rolls were to be consumed.  There may have been a bit of decorating planned too…wax pencil on the windows reading “Get Sherlock”, Moriarty was Real and I Believe in Sherlock posters were to be printed (from my home printer), and I was even thinking of crowns for the Moriarty fans…I may reschedule, but maybe not.  Sunday, January 19th isn’t exactly convenient for many of my Sherlock addicted friends.

So what happened?  Yesterday, I decided to go on to my DVR to schedule Sherlock to record on January 1st…just in case I forgot. (Yeah, because that was likely.)  I already knew the American release date was January 19th, but BBC America has been so wonderful about simulcasting Doctor Who…Why not do the same with Sherlock?  (No, that’s an actual question…BBC, please feel free to answer.)  For all of two minutes, I considered boycotting all BBC programming…well, except Doctor Who and Sherlock.  Then I realized that wasn’t going to work.

  1. They wouldn’t notice anyway
  2. I watch too much BBC programming

Seriously though, I feel like I’m being punished for being an American fan.  I’m disappointed in the network and anyone else who had a say in this decision.  Do they not realize that the internet has made this a global community?  The actors and creators know this, because they’ve commented on the fanfiction, fandom, popularity, etc…Do I blame Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat?  Did they have a say in this decision?  Then yes, if not, no.  Frankly, after watching the below video, I believe they’re so looking forward to the fans watching this play out for themselves that I doubt they got a say in this debacle…yes, debacle.

I know there are ways to get around this with streaming video and downloads, but why should I have to buck the system to watch a television show on the same day it gets aired in Britain?  I searched the guide for “Sherlock” (you know using the little magnifying glass thing) and my show didn’t come up as a listing…at all.  My heart started beating a bit faster, and maybe my palms got a little damp, because how could it not be on at all?  A heavily anticipated return after what felt like a hiatus that lasted a century?  How could the airwaves not be filled with promotional material for this?  Now, I am not a PBS watcher, typically, so the fluttering, panicky feeling didn’t abate until I looked at Masterpiece Mystery and found “Sherlock II: A Scandal in Belgravia” listed.  No picture of Sherlock or John, no listing of the actors, just the title and a nondescript description.  If they could have revealed less about the show or episode in a description…actually, I’m not sure how they would manage it.  I set it to record, because I need to be absolutely certain that this is my Sherlock before January 19th.

BBC, do you not want to grow your fan base?  Do you not want us spending our money on licensed merchandise, etc?  Messing with one of the most dedicated fandoms out there is not the best way to go about this.  We’re creative…and possibly vindictive.

What do you think?  Also, about those alternatives…I have today and tomorrow to search the internet for solutions, because, so help me, if someone tells me, writes to me, posts a spoilery thing hidden in an innocuous…something before I get to see this all unfold for myself, I will not be held responsible for my actions.  Therefore, I will be scheduling some pre-written blog posts and banning myself from social media until I can be sure that I won’t have to take adverse action against anyone. Since the internet was safe today, I did check it out, I’m not the only one to feel this way.

‘Til next time,

Washington, DC

Washington, DC

How Much Sightseeing Can I fit into Nine Hours?

Sunday, June 16, 2013
This week, the capital of the United States! Okay, so I’ve been here exactly one hour and I’m already in love with this city. Seriously, this place is steeped in history! I’m staying at The Madison Hotel and having Sunday brunch at their restaurant, The Federalist. 1280x504_1380_f8b27957fea1af8d234002d37c3a3b17For reals. Yeah, yeah, yeah I know. I’m geeking out over a restaurant named after a seminal group of papers written by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay about their vision for the United States. You can read more about that here though. I’m not going to bore you with my particular facet of geekdom.

Today is Father’s Day, and since I’m here in this gorgeous city with this marvelous weather, I’m not spending it with my Dad. That kind of sucks, but I do want to wish him a very public Happy Father’s Day. This week, I really wish he was here with me in Washington, DC. He and Mom actually lived nearby when they were first married, and the last time he was here for a visit was in 1984. He’s a Vietnam Veteran and he hasn’t seen the Vietnam Memorial. Being able to see the sights that he’s familiar with and hear the stories of what it was like to live here in the 70’s would be awesome in and of itself, but to see all the changes with him would be amazing. Well, that’s what cell phones are for right? I’ll just have call him and take LOTS of pictures this trip.
This post is going to be a bit different because I have TIME! Time to have dinner with a college friend and indulge my not-so-hidden history geek. So, for now I’m going to finish my truly excellent coffee and blackberry-mascarpone French toast (yes, I know it is just as sinful and indulgent as it sounds!) before I see a bit of US history. No worries, there will be more terrible pictures! I know you would miss them. Maybe one day you’ll be lucky enough to see pictures from an actual camera, but today is not that day. Laters!

Monday, June 17, 2013
Yesterday, I got to meet up with a college friend that I have not seen in too many years to feel comfortable counting. We went for sushi with her amazing family. Her husband and two boys are awesome! I had just a great time catching up with her and getting to know them. So I read the same books as her son. I feel good about this. There were some recommendations made on both sides. (No, I can’t tell you…spoilers!!). Her youngest and I also share a Lord of the Rings passion. He recommended a video game I may actually not die in…well maybe at least not immediately…or eventually…whichever.

photo (51)

One more thing that I love about all cities when you “live” downtown…walking to work. Seriously, my trip to the conference this morning was a 20 minute walk that took by the White House…the White House for crying out loud! Who wouldn’t love that? Can you imagine seeing this on your “commute” every morning? Amazing!

photo (49)

I explored the National Mall yesterday. You know, the home of the Washington Monument (still undergoing earthquake repairs, unfortunately), the Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, etc. photo (53)(I have to say that everywhere I go on vacation there is a major site that is covered in scaffolding. No really – Big Ben, Notre Dame, St. Andrews, Washington Monument all covered in scaffolding when I was there on vacation.) During the hours I walked around in awe of all the amazing, and sometimes astoundingly sad, stories surrounding me, I watched people jogging through the mall. Can you imagine your daily run if you lived here? Just passed the World War II Memorial, only 2.25 miles until the Capitol Building and I’m almost finished. If that was my daily jog….well, I might actually jog!

photo (40)

The Smithsonian Castle (Smithsonian Information Center)

photo (39)

Monkeys Grasping for the Moon by Xu Bing

If I lived here, I would also spend every Saturday in a museum of some sort. the Arthur M. Sackler Gallery actually drew me in. Well, actually the castle drew me into the courtyard (you read that right. The Smithsonian has a freaking CASTLE!). Then the sign for the Xu Bing exhibit pulled me into the art museum. Do you know Xu Bing? I didn’t until I read an article about his art here. Of course, I had to see some in person. He designed a piece especially for the Arthur M. Sackler Gallery titled Monkeys Grasping for the Moon. Each monkey is the word “monkey” in one of a dozen different languages, and each word looks like a monkey hanging onto the tail of the one above. They’re trying to reach the moon reflected in the pond below, and it is based on a Chinese folktale. Pretty amazing and powerful stuff. (It reminded me a bit about this story about a spider monkey….I’ll have to tell you some other time. Don’t let me forget, okay?)

Tonight I’m eating dinner at The Federalist again. The conference was exhausting! An entire day spent making small talk with strangers, but I think it was productive. I hope it was anyway. I guess we’ll find out if they buy stuff. Did I mention I’m in sales? There was not enough left in me to walk out in search of a new restaurant. It is also official, I think everything here is good. Tonight…crab cakes, and an amazing Sauvignon Blanc. Oh my God, syllabub! Strawberry-Rhubarb covered in vanilla cream. I have no more words, too tasty! (No judging, now. Remember 20 minute walk to and from the conference. Plus museum tomorrow! Again, no pictures, because I ate the evidence before I thought about it. I am sitting on the patio again. Actually I’m at the same table I was occupying yesterday for brunch. There aren’t as many people to watch at 9:15 on a Monday night in DC, but still entertaining!

The conference ended today at about 1:30, and my plane doesn’t leave until 7:00. Well, it is too bad I’m in a city where there’s nothing to do. Ha! Hooray, more museums! On the downside it rained. Oh, it wasn’t that bad. It was warm outside and it was a gentle kind of rain. Not like what we usually get in Oklahoma this time of year with the wind and sideways rain.

photo (38)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013
I walked back over to the National Mall and had lunch at the Pavilion Cafe in the sculptural garden at the National Gallery of Art. There were some amazing sculptures. I captured a picture of one of them when I walked through on Sunday. (I like trees all the time. Just regular everyday trees are amazing works of nature, so of course I took a picture of the METAL tree!)

After lunch I wandered next door to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. Oh, my! So much to see, and so very little time! I’m sure that my eyes were just popping out of my head the entire time, and I tried to take in as much as I possibly could with only a couple of hours to explore. There was a brand new photography exhibit that just opened, and I was in awe of the talent that was showcased. I could have spent hours just exploring the details in the photographs, and there was no time! There was an amazing exhibit with some skeletons that they discovered in Jamestown that was fascinating. There were animal skeletons too, but snake skeletons are just as creepy as live snakes…yeah, moving on to gems and minerals. The Hope Diamond! Gorgeous! Then there are the Thompson diamonds. Now, I’m not sure why the Smithsonian has my family’s….jewels, but I think I’d kind of like them back! Okay, so maybe I’m not from the same Thompson’s….then again, maybe I should do a bit of genealogy work.photo (36)

Well, you’ve heard all about my recent travels. What about yours? What is the favorite place you’ve visited?

Next week, The Grand Lake O’ the Cherokees and Dallas. I swear this month is NOT what my travel schedule usually looks like! Don’t expect this many adventures in the future, usually my life is much….quieter.
‘Til Next Time,