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New Year, New Resolutions?

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The last couple of years I’ve made New Years Resolutions. I feel like I’ve done a decent job of keeping most of them. However, that’s not the case for them all. What I like about resolutions is that it pushes boundaries, it helps you learn about yourself, and I’m an advocate for self-exploration and learning.

Sometimes, what you learn is that you’re not cut out for everything, and that’s okay. One goal I’m giving up is the idea of running a 5k. Running is not the thing for me. I keep getting hurt, and I…I hate it. Like really hate it. I don’t see the point in being miserable just to accomplish an arbitrary goal.

Just because I’m giving up on the 5k doesn’t mean there aren’t physical milestones to reach. I just don’t know what they are yet. Maybe it will be riding a bicycle again or actual yoga classes instead of self-instruction, I don’t know yet. My plan is to do a bit of exploring this year and find out what I enjoy.

My other goal is to re-evaluate and create the next steps in my plan. I mentioned in my post Breathe, that I’ve been so diligently pursuing the early steps of my plan that I never figured out what happens now that I’ve accomplished those things. I also want to take more time for me, writing, drawing, reading, spending time with family and friends, getting out into the outdoors…so much of these were things I had to give up to get another degree while I worked full time and then to get my house ready and sell it.

Part of me feels a little lost now that I don’t have a life filled with deadlines and timetables, but…that’s okay. I’m hoping that my life is what’s waiting for me in that space that feels lost. It’s only been two months since I sold my house, but I’m already beginning to feel rejuvenated and renewed. The itch to create is back with a vengeance, and, wow, it feels good.

So…the 2019 list.

  1. Breathe – Take time for me. I’m instituting Pamper Me Sundays filled with bubble baths, pedicures, face masks, and hopefully professional massages.
  2. Think – Life gets so hectic and so filled with television, music, and social media that we forget to take the time to just think. I need to leave more time to think, because the best ideas and plans spring from that time. Saturday mornings spent in the quiet with a cup of tea and maybe a journal will do nicely. Hopefully, once I get in the habit of giving myself time, I won’t need to schedule it anymore.
  3. Get Outside – Walk the dog, go camping, see if it’s true that you never forget how to ride a bike.
  4. Make More Art – Finish at least one story I have outlines for, paint, take photos, draw…whatever…just make more art. Scratch the creative itch.
  5. Read – Read books, comic books, short stories, articles…whatever.
  6. Grow stuff – I have houseplants that have survived the last four months, which is a record for me. Maybe add to that. Kitchen herbs, an outdoor garden in the spring…stuff like that. I like being surrounded by green growing things. Maybe I can  convert my black thumb to a green one…with some help.
  7. Take a class – Art, yoga whatever. Just take a class.
  8. Learn a new coding language – I don’t know which one yet, but I’d like to be able to write the server side code for websites as well as the front end code. This one is a big fat maybe, but I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately. (Suggestions are welcome!)
  9. Make time for what’s important – My family, my friends, the things I love.
  10. Be Spontaneous – Say “yes” more often. Yes to day trips, road trips, outings with friends and family…just say “yes” instead of “no” or “let me see what’s on my schedule”.

As someone who’s done training on goal setting…my list doesn’t begin to meet the requirements. It’s kind of vague and lacks time frames for things, but that’s part of what I  want to learn this year. How to live without a rigid structure, because that was what got me through the last few years. Spontaneity is a good thing, and I could use a bit more of that in my life. So next time a friend asks me to take a day trip, I don’t say “no” because it doesn’t fit in my schedule for the day.

Do you make New Year’s Resolutions? Do you manage to stick to them? How do you do it?

‘Til next time,


2016 New Year’s Resolutions


New Year’s Resolutions

2016 Edition

  1. Run a 5K…I still want to do it.  What do you think will help?  A running partner?  Some outside accountability?
  2. Payoff/Down debt because student loans are coming…best get the rest out of the way first.  I have a plan, I just haven’t been following it.  Time to cut the BS and do it, already!
  3. Make art for fun, not just for class!  With the graphic design program, the wonderful pleasure of drawing as a requirement for class is a regular thing.  While it never feels like work, I don’t ONLY want to draw/paint/design as work. Creation for it’s own sake is why I love it so much, and I don’t want to lose it.  Taking time every week to spend time making…stuff.
  4. Music…I still miss music.  Last year, I didn’t even come close to succeeding in my resolution to put music back in my life.  I’m going to play once a week for at least 15 minutes.  My guitar is fixed, so I have no more excuses.
  5. Don’t forget the fun!  Between a full-time job and a full-time class schedule, I can easily become engulfed in work. Taking time for myself, at least once a month, whether that’s a pedicure, a concert, a ballgame, or an evening out with my family and friends.  Staying connected to the people and things in my life who make it amazing, inspire me, and remind me why I started on this path in the first place.
  6. Spruce up the house!  Growing up in a military family, I tend to get an itch every couple of years. I either need to move or I do a bit of remodeling.  This year, I’ll just do a bit of painting and a few minor projects rather than a big remodeling project.  Still, it will scratch the itch.  Also, I have about a million little projects around the house that need to be done.
  7. Be brave, bold and less afraid.  I made a decent start on this in the second half of last year (and I have to tell you, it feels amazing), but it is time for more.  Decisions based on fear didn’t get me where I wanted to go, so it is time to do things differently.

Okay, so it took me a couple of days to get my resolutions together.  I started thinking about them a while ago, but I had all this big stuff on my resolution list.  I didn’t want to see 2016 go out with a whimper when I didn’t achieve much of what I set out to do.  I started on a lot of big stuff in 2015, and it means the next couple of years are going to be…well, busy doesn’t quite seem to cover it.

Thanks to the big goals I started  on last year, I went with fewer resolutions this year because life is crazy busy right now.  These are realistic goals I can accomplish.  They’re things I know I need to do, but I tend to forget about when the to-do list gets really long.  I’m not trying to make any crazy big changes in my life this year (except for maybe the 5k, but I REALLY want to!)  I’m making 2016 about quality of life.  Work and school always go better when I take time to take care of myself, actually life just goes better when I take care of myself. Funny how that happens.

Do you set any resolutions? What kinds of things are on your list?

Happy New Year!

‘Til next time,


2015 Resolution Recap

2015 Recap

My year’s flown by, how about yours?  2015 brought lots of changes, and I’m choosing to look at the less than great changes as…opportunities.  Other changes are just true opportunities, some fell in my lap, some of them I created for myself.

Now, let’s see how I did with my resolutions for this year.

2015 New Year’s Resolutions

1. Run a 5K. (I planned to do this last year, but didn’t quite make it…circumstances.) Didn’t happen, but I still have hope!

2. Spend 10 minutes a day training/playing with my dog. (I really want to teach him how to shut the door. I have faith!) Bwahaha…didn’t even come close. Well, the playing happened.  Definitely not the training.

3. Take 30 minutes a day to read…something. Anything. I miss reading! There was a lot of success here, not every day, but a lot of them.

4. Clean my house 15 minutes a day. Who wants to spend their days off cleaning? A little every day should prevent the worst of that. Right? Well, see…I really hate cleaning.  I’m still working on this one.

5. Write every day. No. Seriously. Write every day. 20 minutes minimum. I miss my blog. I miss my stories. I’m fixing this too. (Yes, this was on my list last year. No it didn’t work the way I’d planned. I’m giving it another go.) Epic fail…I mean E.P.I.C. I haven’t given up the ghost though.

6. Practice gratitude. Every. Single. Day. It is easy to get bogged down in the darkness of the world. There are lights all over the place. Pockets of joy and hope, but I forget to look at them. The Golden List is being reinstated. Starting January 1st, every morning I’ll make a list of the things I’m grateful for. This, I did pretty well with.

7. Join the local food co-op. Eating more veggies and cooking more were last year’s resolution. This year that continues, but with the added bonus of supporting local business and trying new things. I gave this one up before the end of January.  I’d still like to do it, but it isn’t a resolution.

8. Make more music. I don’t know. Join the church choir, play the ukulele, play the guitar, the piano. Something. I miss music. It makes me happy. I have a ukulele, and a guitar…I didn’t play them much.  I did get my guitar fixed this year though, so now I CAN plan it.  It’s a start.

9. Make good art. Stories, music, paintings. Just…make good art. (Yes, I have listened to the Neil Gaiman graduation speech. If you haven’t, you should. Or pick up the book.) Rousing success!  I even started a graphic design program.

10. Cherish and enjoy my family and friends. From video games to quiet dinners. Whatever it is. Make sure they know I love them. This is a never ending resolution. I’m not bad at this, (I don’t think) but we can all be better at ensuring the ones we love know they’re loved. I like to think I did pretty well with this one, but they are the only ones who can tell the truth on this one.

‘Til next time,