The last handful of years have been a roller coaster ride…or maybe a merry-go-round.

abandoned grass light merry go round
Photo by Levi Damasceno on

You know the kind that we used to play on that spins you around in circles so fast you puke…or fly off and possibly sustain an injury worth of a trip to the ER. The ride’s been fun, but now that I’ve hit the most important of  the goals I’d set when I started down this road just over three years ago…I don’t really know what’s next.

So, I’m taking a little time to just breathe and recharge my batteries. Part of that includes giving some TLC to relationships I’ve neglected too long, and allowing myself time for…fun stuff. Reading, writing, cooking, and walking the dog come to mind…and that should give you an idea of what my life has looked like the last few years.

First on my list was sleeping a lot. Turns out, I’m not great at that, so the sleeping all day I imagined didn’t happen. At least I’m getting a regular night’s sleep…most of the time…well, sometimes anyway.

This actually worked out because it gave me a lot of time to read a few novels. I started out with rereading a few books before I moved on to new material, and boy have I found a couple of good ones! I’ll be writing about one of them, Sandman Slim, when I finish this post.

According to my friends and co-workers, there are also a lot of movies and television shows I’ve missed out on, so I’m working to rectify that too. I’m making a list…feel free to add to it in the comments. I’ve knocked out No Country for Old Men, Sideways, and Aquaman…okay, I didn’t miss out on the last one, I saw it opening weekend. I’m also watching Rick & Morty while I write this. A staycation is great for catching up on this like this…and naps. Speaking of naps…

‘Til next time,



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