Stories & Symbols


I’m a big fan of stories.  Aren’t we all? One of my classes called on us to create a symbol for a story.  We got to choose from a list of about 30 or so stories, all of which were well-known (to me at least).  As usual, my issue stemmed from having too many favorites.  I never can pick just one. I spent three days creating Mad Hatter top hats for Alice in Wonderland before realizing, they were just hats. Beautiful hats, but no one would have any idea which story I referenced when they looked at them.  Technically, I fulfilled the requirement of the assignment, but not the spirit of it.

I did the assignment again.  Yep, that’s right.  I did it again.  Now, I can’t claim my symbol is an oriflamme, but maybe the story it represents does?


‘Til next time,



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