Hooked by Dragons…Again

game-of-thronesDid you ever want dragons to be real?  Just a little?  I did…well, do, mostly.  Practicality aside, it would be really great.  I’ve watched three seasons of Game of Thrones in like a week, mostly because of dragons.  Ridiculous, I know.  It’s made for an intense background as I worked on photo projects for class (which turned out really well, and I promise to share later).  Okay, I knew it was good.  I mean, I’d read the first two books on my Nook before I realized I do much better with paper novels than with e-books.  However, I quickly became addicted.

Really, I liked it just fine until the dragons.  A little to rapey for my taste though. (Seriously, can we go an entire season without someone getting raped or castrated?)  However, once the dragons hatched, it hooked me.

I’ve always had a soft spot for dragons.  I read Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonriders of Pern series voraciously when I was young, and they’ve lived in my imagination ever since.  There’ve been other movies and television shows with good dragons, but none came near enough to what I imagined those dragons of Pern might be like.  So far, Game of Thrones fits.  Now, I’m mid fourth season, and they could ruin it all yet. (if they do, I’m not sure I want to know, to be honest).

I’ve survived losing all my initially favorite characters.  Despised characters who became new favorites, and then died.  Other unfavored characters are now cautiously enjoyed with an eye to Martin’s tendency to use murder to further his plot.  (Not a bad move, but a painful one.)  What will this get me?  Caught up.

I don’t think I’ll like being caught up.  I’ll have to wait for a new show once a week.  That will be rather painful.  On the other hand, my house will be cleaner, and I’ll make more art.  Hmmm…

Despite all the rape, murder and pillaging, this is a stunning production. Gorgeous sweeping landscapes, intricate well-detailed costumes, rich swelling music, and characters that are complex, interesting, and disturbingly prone to murder, lies, and sundry other sins.  That’s what makes them so fascinating.  Now excuse me, there’s a trial by combat coming up I need to watch.  For you, you get to watch the season 6 trailer.

‘Til next time,



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