Lake Love

I learned a lot on that lake growing up. My cousin taught me what firecrackers in an old metal coffee can sounded like; Dad taught me how to tell a really good scary story; and my Uncles showed me that sometimes it is better just to jump on in…even if the water is freezing.

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Where’s My Grammar Police Badge?

I lovingly refer to my mother as the Comma Queen.  She’s my proofreader extraordinaire, when I can contract use of her services.  She is in very high demand, you know. Making my own grammatical blunders always makes me cringe.  However, it happens. Sometimes, I know it before the words ever trip off my tongue, but […]

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I Dreamed Of…

How would you finish that sentence?  do you remember your dreams?  Do you dream in color? Lately, my dreams have been crazy.  Crazy! Like sentenced to death row for saving someone’s life crazy.  Yeah, that makes for restful sleep. (Where is that damned sarcasm font when I need it!) ‘Til next time, Jessica  

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Wordy Thursday

There’s a Pin out there somewhere in Pinterest-land that reads, “Don’t underestimate the seductive power of a decent vocabulary”. Oh, so true!  I’ve been thinking about Ireland lately.  Maybe it is because I want to go Ireland, like now; maybe I just want to get away for a few days; and maybe it is because […]

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Dingo Ate My Baby Crazy

Life has been interesting the last few weeks (and the next few promise to be as well).  First of all, I’m still searching for signs of possession in my car.  I’m not sure I’ll ever really be able to trust it again.  There was a fantastic weekend of Flogging Molly and Greek food (there is an upcoming […]

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Happiness v. Contentment

Tonight, on my way home, I pondered the difference between “happiness” and “contentment”.  For me, this is kind of a big deal.  My wishes on falling stars, birthday cake candles, etc. have almost always been a wish for happiness.  I guess it stems from the “happily ever after” in all the stories and fairy tales. […]

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