The New Doctor

Okay, so I’ve watched the new episode and the specials…twice, but I’m still letting it stew about in my brain a bit.  I have lots of unorganized thoughts.  Did any of you watch the new episode of Doctor Who?  What did you think?  Let me know.  I’ll have something going up in about this in a few days, but I want to hear what you guys thought.

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2 thoughts on “The New Doctor

  1. Watched it (twice)… I love Peter Capaldi at the Doctor. i thought it was a fun episode. Strax was hilarious, my mad crush on Jenna Coleman continues, and the clockwork droids were typically creepy Moffat villains. i’m not one of those haterfans who looks for every last thing to criticize though. I’d say it was pretty close to Eleventh Hour as far as “new doctor” episodes go. Much better than Christmas Invasion, which I didn’t find to be a very clever or intriguing story, and somewhat better than Rose, the plot of which is virtually nonexistent.

    1. I’ve watched it twice too, and I stayed with a friend who has no wi-fi and no BBC America on Saturday night. (One day, I will convert her!) I really like Capaldi, and I had a few moments with both 10 and 11 where I wasn’t sure I would like them. It was definitely one of the best regeneration episode I’ve seen so far. I’m really excited about Season 8 now. There’s so much potential, and Capaldi’s Doctor looks like is going to be even more unpredictable.

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