What do Nerd HQ, Spider-Man, and True Blood Have in Common?

What do Nerd HQ, Spider-Man, and True Blood have in common?  Joe Manganiello has appeared in all of them!

Don’t you love it when really beautiful people turn out to be geeks?  Well, I do!  Joe Manganiello would be one of  those.  A star of the HBO series True Blood, he not only plays a hunky werewolf, he also is a humongous comic book fan.  I first discovered this on The Nerdist television show on BBC America, and again on The Nerdist podcast with Mr. Manganiello.    Then he did the Nerd HQ panel at San Diego Comic Con.  He’s a really funny guy.  Here are some highlights.

For those of you who may have missed it in previous posts of mine, Nerd HQ was created and is hosted by Zachary Levi and ticket sales go Operation Smile.  Operation Smile does fantastic work correcting cleft palates and similar things for children in developing countries.

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