Daily Archives: October 25, 2013

It Is That Time of Year, Candy…A Few Fun Facts

Have I mentioned lately that I think John Green is awesome?  Well, I think it has just been far to long since I’ve made that announcement.  He is the author of The Fault in Our Stars which I read a while back and reviewed here.  This is being turned into a movie, which I am very excited to see.  I’ve been following @JohnGreen on Twitter and he’s been posting updates and pictures from the set…awesomeness.

Today is not about that, however.  Today is about Mental Floss on YouTube.  You just get cool facts about all kind of things, and I am a fan of useless knowledge. (Is it really useless?  It makes you really good at trivia games if nothing else.)  Today…candy.  Halloween is less than a week away, after all.  Enjoy!

‘Til next time,