Peace One Day 2013 Who Will You Make Peace With?

Today I discovered, an organization dedicated to spreading peace throughout the world.  Tomorrow is Peace One Day 2013.  Pretty good timing, right?  I almost missed it!  Last year 4% of the world’s population was aware of Peace One Day…that is 280 million people in 198 countries. (McKinsey did a report for them) Out of the people who were aware of Peace One Day 2% of those behaved more peacefully in their own lives.  There were Peace One Day activities like concerts, football games, domestic violence workshops and so much more.  The Taliban agreed not to harm health workers, allowing children to be vaccinated.  This year they are on track to make 3 billion people aware of the day.  Yes, that is 3 billion…with a “B”.

They’re spreading peace around the world.  How amazing is that?

This year’s theme is “Who will you make peace with?”  They’re doing a 24 hour long broadcast, tomorrow.  (Yes, that is September 21, 2013)  The broadcast will include actors, musicians, and lots of other great stuff.  Tune in and watch this broadcast on Peace Day 21 September. It’s set to be an amazing show!



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