The Mohawk Guy – Bobak Ferdowsi

I mentioned this guy in my post about The Nerdist.  His name is Bobak Ferdowsi, and he became famous during the Mars Curiosity landing.  Did he become well-known for his astounding mind?  Well, no, it was his hair that grabbed the attention of a nation. However, it managed to do something awesome, it made science cool.  At Comic-Con San Diego 2013 NASA JPL came to Nerd HQ to do a panel.

Nerd HQ is created by Zachary Levi and proceeds from the ticket sales go to benefit Operation Smile, an international children’s charity dedicated children’s smiles.  They did a lot of great panels this year.  They even did a screening in PetCo field, of Serenity with Nathan Fillion…(totally shiny!)From Joss Whedon to Steven Moffat and everyone in between.

Here’s an interview he did with Nerd HQ’s Allison Haislip.

If you have some time you can watch the whole panel here.

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