Really, I Need to Stop Searching for Zombies on the Internet….

So, ya’ll remember that post I did not too long ago, World War Z..Just Another Zombie Movie?  Well, the movie started me on a…zombie…frenzy?  Spree?  Well, a zombie something anyway. Technically, I guess it all began with the BBC mini-series, In the Flesh that aired just before World War Z was released in theaters.  Then, as soon as I wrote that post, I went out and bought Laurell K. Hamilton’s Affliction.  Hint: This book has zombies.  Read a bit about LKH and her Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter series in Affliction:The Book That Consumed Two Days of My Life…When’s the Next One?.  I also started watching The Walking Dead.  Now, I find this older vlogbrothers video….I Am Legend is a book?!? Add another to my  literary “grocery list”.  So, really, I just need to stop searching for zombie stuff on Google….


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