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Kelly Armstrong’s Series Moves to Television


A few years ago, I discovered Kelly Armstrong’s Otherworld series, and read as fast as my little brain could go. (although I’ve been seriously lax, because I found several books on her site that I hadn’t read yet!)  I really enjoy Elena, Jeremy, Clay and the others in this world, so when I saw there was a SyFy television show about them, I couldn’t pass it up.  Actually, I tried to pass it up, but wasn’t able to resist.  I’d gone one a long journey with these people, and I didn’t want to be disappointed by who Hollywood may or may not have turned them into.  Fortunately, I am far enough removed from reading the books that nothing bothered me too much.  I watched all fourteen episodes in a week. (Yeah, I know bingeing on anything whether it is television, food or booze is a bad idea.)

I felt like Elena was cast well, although she comes across a bit angrier in the show than I remember in the book.  She also doesn’t have the edge that I believe has to be inherent if you’re playing the only female werewolf in existence.  (They might also mention she’s the only female werewolf earlier, since it plays a huge role in the motivation of other characters.) Maybe that anger I see is meant to be her “edge” but, if so, they didn’t get it.

Clay tries to do “Southern” and fails spectacularly, but doesn’t do too badly with much of the rest of the character.  The books discuss the animalistic side of Clay quite a bit, but that doesn’t come across too well in the show.  Some lengthy looks and flashback scenes are providing the sense that Clay embraces the animal more than some of the others, and a creative writing teacher once told me that needing to use flashbacks is a sign of substandard writing.  This feels like they had to use the flashbacks because there was no other way.  While Armstrong doesn’t use a lot of flashback, if any, in the novels, she also has the ability to draw on that internal monologue that you can’t get across on the screen.  Truthfully, I think they would do better to have a character watching a documentary about wolves in the wild explaining all the posturing and complexity inherent in the pack system than using flashbacks to depict what’s going on with Clay and Elena. (Their history gets a bit…complicated.)

Jeremy was the one that bugged me the most.  The casting for this character is essential because Jeremy plays such a huge role and ties together other characters as well, and it isn’t that he’s terrible by any stretch of the imagination.  He just lacks the certain oomph (yes, that’s the technical term) that the alpha needs.  After a few episodes, I saw a bit more of what I think is needed, but it was a developed sense of his power and menace.  If this hadn’t been a Netflix viewing, I probably wouldn’t have watched another episode after that first one.

After watching the first season, I am inspired to re-read the series, and pick up the books I’ve missed.  The show was picked up for a second season, and will return to SyFy in 2015.  I’ll probably watch it…but only if it doesn’t conflict with a better show.  This may be a great for people new to this story, but for long-time fans like me…it didn’t live up to what I think could be done with this world and these characters.

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Have Mercy!

Frost Burned


Ahhhh! This post is so late, truthfully I totally forgot what day today was…is…wait, what’s today?  If I had to pay out a dollar for every time I had to ask someone that question today, I would have bought someone’s lunch today…maybe more than one, if they were cheap.  Well, better late than never…. enjoy!

Oh, Mercedes Thompson, you are my favorite little Walker. (If the word “Walker” didn’t give it away for you before, this is a paranormal book.) This latest installment in Mercy’s story by Patricia Briggs is pure awesomesauce, as are all the others. (Complete list below, in order.) If you are new to this series, start at the beginning. It isn’t completely necessary, but you’ll get to see how everything unfolds and be surprised by all the fun twists. (as opposed to not surprised, which isn’t fun at all!) Mercy is tough and (is there a word somewhere that combines sarcastic and sassy? There should be, but I don’t know what it is.) I also recommend reading this series in conjunction with Briggs Alpha & Omega Series. The plots aren’t exactly intertwined, but they do bounce off each other frequently, (Complete this of these books below also. Also in order, because otherwise it is annoying.)

For those of you who are already entrenched in the Tri-Cities with Mercy and the rest, you will not be disappointed. Lo and behold, there is trouble…lots of trouble. One of the things I love about this series is that Mercy has a very strong moral compass, and she doesn’t compromise her morals.  Her “family” always comes first, and she will do whatever’s best and anything necessary to protect them…whether they agree or not. As someone who runs a bit fast and loose with the definition of “family” myself, I definitely appreciate Mercy’s adoption of characters into that group of individuals she considers to be “hers”. Now does her compass always point due North, well, I suppose that all depends on how you define “North”. Mercy’s actions may not always be what society would consider lawful, but they always what she would consider to be right. Besides, society’s got a lot to learn when it comes to Mercy’s world. Hell, Mercedes has a lot to learn about her world! I think that’s part of the appeal. We get to learn with her.

Mercedes Thompson is a strong character…a strong woman, and that’s doesn’t mean physically the strongest or even supernaturally the strongest.  While Mercy may not be the strongest, the smartest, the biggest or even the least likely to die, she’s always there fighting for the ones she cares about (sometimes even people she doesn’t care about just those that can’t fight for themselves….no matter how much she may dislike them). It doesn’t matter what the cost to herself may be.  Mercy will make sure she’s doing what she believes is right.

First Line:

“You should have brought the van,” said my stepdaughter.”

Now my dear readers, I must wait until the next book is released for a little more Mercedes Thompson.  Patience is not something that I do well…oh, Ms. Briggs, can you write faster please?  We need more Mercy!

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