Eleven’s Hour Is At An End

The Doctor’s influence is everywhere.  Have you discovered this?  I’m running into fans all over the place! Last week my dishwasher sprung a leak.  I know, really fun stuff.  The guys that came in to dry out the flooding were pretty cool.  One of them commented that I had the best coffee mug ever.  I […]

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Be Kind…Win Stuff

Random Acts of Kindness planning and preparation has begun!  After I posted about my plans, my mother, who works for Jim Stovall, shared my post with him.  I got the coolest email from Jim after he heard about what I was going to do. Jessica: Your mom shared your Acts of Kindness blog with me.  […]

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Random Acts of Kindness 2013

Today as I sit here remembering 9/11, I decided to post this one a bit early.  It wasn’t scheduled to go out until next month, but today I needed to think about people doing good things… For my birthday I made a decision to commit 37 random acts of kindness leading up to my birthday, […]

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