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Dipping A Toe In

So, I’m still working on getting a grip on things for some longer posts, but today, today I ate my lunch in the park. 

It is a perfect day. The sun is shining (which it hasn’t done in a while), it is warm without being stifling, and the clouds make interesting and beautiful shapes. Spending just 30 minutes in the sun, listening to the rustling of the breeze in the leaves of the oaks and the birdsong gives me new energy for the day. Days like this it is easy to believe anything is possible. 

Today, I believe I will be able to juggle going back to school, a full-time job, an ACTIVE blog, and a social life.  Challenging, yes, but today, anything is possible. 

What is possible for you today?

‘Til Next Time,


P.S. Yes, there WILL be a next time!