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Still Happy!

Ladies and Gentlemen, my work week is at an end.

Tonight I celebrate my father’s birthday. (Happy birthday, Dad!!) We’ll have tasty Mexican food (or as Mexican as Tulsa really gets, which is not actually all that Mexican.  Also, if you know where I can get real Mexican food in Tulsa, let me know.) laugh, tell stories (we’re good at that) and then…well, someone will decide and we’ll do something else. (At last check, nothing was decided…that could have changed.)

After that, I got nothing….let me tell you, that is grand. It makes me (you guessed it)…happy. Saturday and Sunday all with nothing that needs to be done, just what I want to do. (Laundry and basic house maintenancey things don’t count, because they. never. end. Sometimes…being an adult sucks.)  Movies, music, reading, legos, at least one random act of kindness (truly random, because I have no idea what I’ll do) and possibly actually, finally, finishing the furniture project I started…I don’t even remember when at this point. (Procrastination.  It isn’t pretty but it is real.)  The forecast calls for rain on Sunday, which is perfect for snuggling up with a good book or movie.  Also, I have a need to finish Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl.  I have suspicions…hmm…

Dexter has also become fond of tug-of-war outside.  He doesn’t have to worry about knocking over anything, apparently that also includes me, and he wins more often.  A dog toy scavenger hunt is also apparently planned, since most of Dex’s toys are no longer inside…how well do you think he hid them?

What do you have planned? Do your pets hide toys too?

‘Til next time,


Oklahoma, Where the Wind Comes Sweeping Down the Plains

Dexter a.k.a. Jerky Dogface

Dexter a.k.a. Jerky Dogface. He looks so innocent doesn’t he?

You know the part of the song in Oklahoma that talks about the wind sweeping down the plains?  Well, let me tell you, friend, it was definitely sweeping, swooping…I can’t think of another s-word for what the wind was doing.  Thanks to the 50mph + gusts, my sleep was seriously cut short as in practically non-existent.

Well, I blame the wind, but it wasn’t the groaning house, rattling trees, the neighbor’s poorly closed garage door, or the overall general howling that kept me awake.  No, friends, it was my dog.  Dexter, Lord of the Great Toy Wars, is afraid of the wind.  In his defense, it was a very noisy wind last night, but still…basically air. (Or not basically, but actually air.)

I know the wind came in last night just as predicted, because Dex (otherwise known as Jerky Dogface) woke me up at midnight trying to get in bed with me.  (This is not allowed.  I like my sleeping space dog hair free.)  I went back to sleep(ish).  Then Jerky Dogface licked my face and drooled on my sheets.  This was followed by trying to dig out of the window through the glass.  Finally, there was the crash.  I have yet to investigate exactly what was knocked over, because it was nearly 3:00 am and as long as it wasn’t the fish tank, it didn’t matter.  (It was not the fish tank.  Moriarty/Murderous Mike is safe.)  At this point, I coaxed Dex out of the hiding place in the corner under the table and into his kennel, covered it with a blanket, gave him a treat and pleaded with him to let me get a little sleep.  After all, my job is what keeps him in dog food and treats. (You’d think he’d be more appreciative.)

I’m struggling this morning.  Three non-consecutive hours of sleep isn’t enough for me any more.  I am no longer in college.  The massive amounts of caffeine I’m ingesting doesn’t seem to be helping either. Any suggestions?  Oh, tried yoga and jumping.  Something about getting the blood moving…or something moving, anyway.  Good golly, miss Molly, I hope I don’t completely jack up this conference call…maybe some more caffeine…..

‘Til next time,



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