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I Lost My Job, Now What?

2045_wpm_lowresWhen I came back from Boston, I had a pretty big shock.  I lost my job.  This wasn’t necessarily a bad thing.  Lately, I’d discovered I’d been yearning for quitting time and not putting my all into my job, and that’s just not who I am.  My big revelation of the amazing opportunity I’m presented with, came from the fact that I’ve slept better now than I have in months, and while there’s a lot of uncertainty in my life now, I’m honestly happier than I have been in a while.  Normally, Pharrell Williams’s Happy wouldn’t go along with unemployment, but we all know that “normal” isn’t applied to me often (if at all).

So, now I’m on this journey to figure out what I want to be when I grow up.  It should be obvious to anyone who’s read about my obsession with Legos, fascination with comic books, or Young Adult Fiction that “growing up” really isn’t something I aspire to do.  What I have discovered is that I am throwing myself into this job search with all the enthusiasm I didn’t have for my job in the end.

Also, self-control isn’t one of my strong suits and while I knew the job search is unquestionably necessary, I’ve allowed that to take over my brain.  Netflix and Assassins’ Creed are awfully tempting after a long day of doing all the boring things that a job search entails, especially when you’re trying to avoid telling all your readers that you are…exploring new professional opportunities.  It didn’t occur to me that blogging had become necessary too.  As last week wore on, it became harder and harder to focus on the things I knew had to be done, because I needed to get words on the page/screen/napkin.

This is my apology to you and to myself.  I shouldn’t have forgotten about doing the things I really enjoy, and I shouldn’t have felt like I needed to atone for some massive wrongdoing by denying myself the things that make me who I am. (I also haven’t picked up a book since I lost my job.)  A good friend reminded me that you cannot search for a job eight hours a day, seven days a week.  You’ll go insane.

My promise is this.  A post will go up every day Monday through Friday.  Bear with me if some of them are not up to my usual, but I’m trying to pull my head out.  I will never find a job I really enjoy if I keep myself from the things I enjoy.  Hell, it took a long time to begin to figure myself out, and I don’t want to forget that all because I’m not working for the first time since I was 16 years old.

To keep myself from becoming incredibly lazy (or just playing through all the Assassins’ Creed games before I get a new job), I’m job searching in the morning and in the afternoon I’m writing, finishing projects around the house, cleaning out…everything and maybe a little Netflix or gaming. (well, except this morning, because the lawn has to be mowed before it rains again.  Send up some good thoughts that my mower and I can make it through the jungle.)

‘Til next time,


Allow Me To Introduce Myself…

Allow Me To Introduce Myself…


I just love the Rolling Stones.  Don’t you?  Every time I hear or even read that line, Mic Jagger’s voice slides through my mind and the Sympathy for the Devil plays in the background of my thoughts for a while.   So, moving right along, my name is Jessica and I have a book…addiction, we’ll say.  Well, it is really more stories than anything else.  My long standing love affair with stories began before I could even walk. (My Dad is a consummate storyteller.  So good, that it is hard to tell story from truth sometimes.) I was raised on fairy tale and myth with a splash of good old fashioned yarn thrown in for good measure.  The seductive power of a well told story is just….well, there’s nothing else quite like it, is there?  A well-constructed story that can convincingly draw me so deeply into fantasy that when I emerge the real world seems a bit dull or unreal by comparison is the ultimate prize. My quest for great stories has led me to find them in all sorts of places: books, history (it’s not JUST facts and dates, kids), letters, movies, television…. This love of discovering the worlds of others’ imaginations (often fantastical worlds at that) labeled me a “geek” long before it was cool, but I never really minded much.


So why “Geekology”?  The internet has made the world an amazing and amazingly weird place.  It has also opened up all kinds of doors to show me that there are A LOT of mediums for storytelling and even more stories that I really know absolutely nothing about.  Some of these stories are the ones that others have called “iconic” as a matter of fact.  Seriously, I’ve been missing out.  So, I’m learning here.  The 101 is because I’ve realized that I really am a novice.  There is so much that I know that I don’t know…right that sentence kind of got away from me. I’m at the freshman level here, so to speak.  Hopefully we can learn together.


So, what am I going to be doing with this whole blog thing?  That is a really excellent question, ladies and gentlemen, and I’m sure we’ll figure it out together.  To begin, I thought I’d share some of the awesome stuff I’m finding (because it is REALLY awesome!) Some of it’s new, some of it not so much. (I’ve missed out on a lot, I’m telling you!) Please, comment, send me emails you can follow me on twitter @ilovegeekology101, and that way you can see how I’m discovering some of this cool stuff.


Now you have to be asking yourself, what has she missed out on that started this? (Another excellent question!) Okay, ready? Neil Gaiman.


Taken from Mr. Gaiman's Facebook Page

Taken from Mr. Gaiman’s Facebook Page




I I found him on twitter because he replied to a tweet posted by a favorite author of mine, the amazing, Laurell K Hamilton.  It was funny.  I followed him, never heard of him before though.  Then there was this commencement speech that he did, here.  It has even been made into a book Make Good Art.




Wow, I thought, I really like what he’s saying.  He’s a writer?  What has he written? (Seriously, if you smack your head like that every time I’ve missed out on something obvious, it is going to hurt…and maybe leave a mark.)  So I asked around, looked on the web and found out about The Sandman comic books.  This was my first comic book purchase ever. (I know, and I call myself a geek!) Boom!  Hooked!  Now I’m working my way through…well, pretty much everything else he’s ever written.  I am even going to be able to attend a book signing next month in Dallas for The Ocean at the End of the Lane, which will be released June 18, 2013.




(Don’t even try to imagine that I’m NOT jumping up and down with glee here.)  Now I just have to choose ONE item for him to sign for me.  How can I pick?  Neverwhere, Good Omens, Sandman? What about Fragile ThingsI have until June 24th to choose.  (Last I checked there were still some tickets available, you can get them here.) Dear reader, help me choose!!!



Okay, so I got a bit distracted in my excitement. (it is easy to do Neil Gaiman, for crying out loud!) Since I’m finding all this amazing new/old stuff or rather new to me stuff or sometimes just plain new stuff, I want to share.  Kind of like a review.  Books, movies, shows, even games (Maybe games, I suck at games!) I like games, but I’m not very good at competitive events I know I won’t win…yeah, I know.  I just got a PS3 so I’m trying it out though.  Right now I’m playing Assassin’s Creed III and Call of Duty: Black Ops.  My 12 year old nephew kicks my butt at Black Ops… and laughs…every time.  Does he have to laugh?  He says yes, but he’ll try to laugh more quietly.  Then he asks what level I made it to before the zombies got me…zombies suck.   Any ideas on how to beat the 12 year old…or the zombies are helpful….it’s embarrassing!


‘Til next time!