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Sherlock Season 3 – Teasers, Tips, and Treats

Sherlock (TV series)

Sherlock (TV series) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Thank you, thank you, thank you for the tips on how to watch Season 3 online!  Hola worked great.  Even after all the tips and assurances that it would work, I still double checked it early by watching the Graham Norton Show (Oh, I just love that show.  It is one of the things that just generally makes me happy.)…just to make sure.  I wasn’t taking any chances!  Since New Year’s Day, I’ve been watching…repeatedly.  There will definitely be a Sherlock Watch Party (any ideas are welcome), but I think I’m going to wait until the DVD/Blu-Ray comes out next month.  (Apparently, everyone’s schedules don’t bow to my wishes…who knew?) This is something that I need to watch my friends’ and fellow aficionados’ faces as they watch.


The Graham Norton Show

The Graham Norton Show (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I really want to write a review for the first two episodes of this season, but I don’t want to give anything away.  I’ve avoided even the “Spoiler-Free” reviews so far, because I love surprises.  Watching everything unfold without any predetermined expectations is so much more fun for me than going in knowing that person 1 loved everything, but person 2 thought they could have done this better, etc.  What I will say is that I’ve missed the characters, and watching them in this new season has kind of felt like catching up with old friends. I haven’t found sections that dragged or anything, and I’ve enjoyed it more than I expected.


People had mentioned that PBS edited the show for time and content, so I DVR’d A Scandal in Belgravia to watch and see what/how much was actually cut.  Yeah…they took out the scene with Sherlock’s deduction in Buckingham palace and the bit where Sherlock steals the ashtray.  That was one of my favorites! (Okay, fine they’re all my favorites, but that isn’t the point.)  The scene not only explains why John has a lighter at Irene Adler’s home in order to set off the smoke detectors, but also exemplifies the growing friendship between the two men.  For a “high-functioning sociopath” Sherlock listens to John, and thinks about what will make his friend happy…even when that is just an ashtray taken out from under Mycroft’s nose…okay, so that probably makes them both happy.


Now we’re two episodes in to Season 3, and the final episode is coming up on Sunday…a) I’m not ready to say goodbye to the team at Sherlock quite yet b) um…I’m a little afraid…here’s the trailer.



If you’ve already seen any of these episodes and want to discuss, please feel free to email (ilovegeekology101@gmail.com) me!  I’m not posting anything remotely spoiler-y here, on my Tumblr (ilovegeekology101), or Twitter (@ilovegeekology), but I’ll happily discuss! No one else I know has seen any of it yet, so….I’m about ready to burst.  (Yes, this is a shameless plea to talk about the details of this show with someone who a) knows and b) cares.)


I’ve been diligently searching the internet and Pinterest for ideas for a simple(ish) Sherlock Watch Party, and I’ve found a few ideas out there.  They’re good, but I don’t know if they’re necessarily…right.  This is something that doesn’t have to be on the scale of the Doctor Who party I hosted in November.  Maybe something a little subtler? (Friends, family…stop laughing…really…I can do subtle!)






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Sherlock Season 3…

Sherlock (TV series)

Sherlock (TV series) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was holding out hope that BBC America would show Sherlock on January 1, 2013.  That hope has indeed been crushed.  Fortunately, I hadn’t planned an elaborate watch party or anything…okay, fine, I hadn’t bought anything for the elaborate watch party.

It wasn’t going to be quite as elaborate as my Doctor Who 50th Anniversary party, but it was going to be pretty stinking cool.  A traditional English tea was planned, I was even busting out a tea set my Grandmother gave me for the occasion.  Tea, cucumber sandwiches, maybe some ham sandwiches if anyone just disliked cucumber, cupcakes…maybe sausage rolls were to be consumed.  There may have been a bit of decorating planned too…wax pencil on the windows reading “Get Sherlock”, Moriarty was Real and I Believe in Sherlock posters were to be printed (from my home printer), and I was even thinking of crowns for the Moriarty fans…I may reschedule, but maybe not.  Sunday, January 19th isn’t exactly convenient for many of my Sherlock addicted friends.

So what happened?  Yesterday, I decided to go on to my DVR to schedule Sherlock to record on January 1st…just in case I forgot. (Yeah, because that was likely.)  I already knew the American release date was January 19th, but BBC America has been so wonderful about simulcasting Doctor Who…Why not do the same with Sherlock?  (No, that’s an actual question…BBC, please feel free to answer.)  For all of two minutes, I considered boycotting all BBC programming…well, except Doctor Who and Sherlock.  Then I realized that wasn’t going to work.

  1. They wouldn’t notice anyway
  2. I watch too much BBC programming

Seriously though, I feel like I’m being punished for being an American fan.  I’m disappointed in the network and anyone else who had a say in this decision.  Do they not realize that the internet has made this a global community?  The actors and creators know this, because they’ve commented on the fanfiction, fandom, popularity, etc…Do I blame Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat?  Did they have a say in this decision?  Then yes, if not, no.  Frankly, after watching the below video, I believe they’re so looking forward to the fans watching this play out for themselves that I doubt they got a say in this debacle…yes, debacle.

I know there are ways to get around this with streaming video and downloads, but why should I have to buck the system to watch a television show on the same day it gets aired in Britain?  I searched the guide for “Sherlock” (you know using the little magnifying glass thing) and my show didn’t come up as a listing…at all.  My heart started beating a bit faster, and maybe my palms got a little damp, because how could it not be on at all?  A heavily anticipated return after what felt like a hiatus that lasted a century?  How could the airwaves not be filled with promotional material for this?  Now, I am not a PBS watcher, typically, so the fluttering, panicky feeling didn’t abate until I looked at Masterpiece Mystery and found “Sherlock II: A Scandal in Belgravia” listed.  No picture of Sherlock or John, no listing of the actors, just the title and a nondescript description.  If they could have revealed less about the show or episode in a description…actually, I’m not sure how they would manage it.  I set it to record, because I need to be absolutely certain that this is my Sherlock before January 19th.

BBC, do you not want to grow your fan base?  Do you not want us spending our money on licensed merchandise, etc?  Messing with one of the most dedicated fandoms out there is not the best way to go about this.  We’re creative…and possibly vindictive.

What do you think?  Also, about those alternatives…I have today and tomorrow to search the internet for solutions, because, so help me, if someone tells me, writes to me, posts a spoilery thing hidden in an innocuous…something before I get to see this all unfold for myself, I will not be held responsible for my actions.  Therefore, I will be scheduling some pre-written blog posts and banning myself from social media until I can be sure that I won’t have to take adverse action against anyone. Since the internet was safe today, I did check it out, I’m not the only one to feel this way.

‘Til next time,