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Art on Main – I Hate Self-Control

Hooray for weather that was better than expected…again!  I can’t believe that I’ve gotten so lucky twice this month, and for two art festivals at that. In early October, I attended Utica Square’s Art on the Square and the dreary, cloud filled sky stopped pouring rain down on us here in Tulsa and allowed the sun to shine on through to make for gorgeous outdoor shopping.  The very next Saturday, I was treated to the same taste of loveliness as the predicted rain skirted right over us, and we were left with a picturesque blue sky with fluffy white clouds and plenty of sunshine for Jenks, Oklahoma’s Art on Main.


Josh Stout Art

Each year Jenks closes down the heart of Main Street and fills it with local artists, wineries, and music.  It is the perfect opportunity to browse the booths as well as the unique shops that Jenks has to offer, and this year was no exception.  My Mom and one of my dear friends went with me to do a little bit of shopping, and to try and contain my desire to own all the pretty things for my house.  (I’m running out of wall space as it is.)  With a perfect day, a great parking place, and even better company we set out to explore.  The first booth we saw was my church, St. James Presbyterian Church, they were set up for painting miniature pumpkins.  (Budding artists can paint a pumpkin and then head off to the bouncy castle while they wait for the paint to dry.)  It gave me a chance to catch up with friends that I hadn’t seen in way too long too.

I did pick up two new pieces by Josh Stout that I am absolutely in love with (See the pictures?  Aren’t they gorgeous?), and my friend bought me an early birthday present that I was drooling over.  All in all I contained my spending, and whether they realized it or not, those ladies did me a great service in going with me.  Just knowing that I’d told them that I had to be good helped me resist purchasing just about everything that Mr. Stout had in his booth as well as at least four other paintings and drawings.  The simple fact that I didn’t bring cash and a potter didn’t take cards kept me from purchasing another piece.  (I took it for a sign, because sometimes you’ve got to work with what you’ve got.)  It was with a happy heart that I headed home to decide where this month’s new collection would hang.  That’s when I ran into problems.


Josh Stout Art

As I’m pondering the question of where these amazing pieces from Art on the Square and Art on Main will go, I realized that I need to have them all framed.  That’s six pieces that need to be framed.  Then I realized that I actually have another five at home that I’ve needed to get framed from Art on the Square last year, and I haven’t gotten around to it.  Then I also remembered the two that have been needing custom frames and mats…Oh my, Zigler’s Art & Frame is going to love me!  My home is already filled with great art, and that is another twelve pieces to find space to display.  My mother suggested a rotation, but obviously this is unacceptable, then I have to choose what is coming down.

Each piece on my walls holds a special memory or a reminder of something that I can’t put into a closet to store.  A photograph of the Metro stop in Paris my friends and I took each day we were there, a painting of a bridge over the Seine that we stopped near to have lunch, a series of pen and ink drawings of London purchased on a childhood trip, Arabic blessing purchased in Jordan during a layover on the way back to our home in Saudi Arabia, birthday shopping excursions…how do I take one of those down?  How do I take down the lovely gifts that I’ve received, especially when friends and family have done a fantastic job in choosing exactly what I’d love?  (Plus, I’m lazy.  The chances of me going back through and actually rotating art?  Slim to none!)  There’s nothing for it.  It is all coming down and getting rearranged.  If anything is coming down they are my own pieces that I’ve painted or drawn…okay, they’re probably not coming down either.

Anybody have any good suggestions on how to create an art wall?  Art walls?  Maybe I should just get a bigger house.  I just don’t want to choose!!!!

‘Til next time,


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Art on the Square A.K.A. An Exercise in Self-Control

uticasquareI love art.  It makes me happy.  This weekend I made my annual trip down to the Utica Square shopping center for a birthday brunch with my dear friend and to peruse the local artists’ treasures.  Stonehorse Cafe is our usual haunt for these outings.  Their quiche is absolutely amazing and the ambiance is perfect for a lazy Saturday morning brunch, including mimosas, with your best girl friends. I always love the outdoor shopping at Utica Square even when the weather is less than perfect, but luckily for us, Saturday’s rain and cold temperatures burned away and it turned into a perfect day to wander the shops and booths.

Last year was incredibly cold and rainy, so it wasn’t nearly as fun to shop around.  However, I bundled up and “managed” just fine.  Okay, fine, so I kept saying I was finished looking because I was cold and wet, but then there would be another booth with some beautiful paintings and I’d get sucked back in again.  My perseverance paid off last year and I picked up a gorgeous piece that sits on my mantle now…okay, I picked up a few (five) smaller pieces too, and a couple of gifts for friends.  Did I mention I like art?

shcafe_outside2This year I picked up a few (three) pieces.  A photograph of Cain’s Ballroom.  Which as you may have guessed by my posts about the Alabama Shakes and Seether concerts is probably my favorite venue for live music in Tulsa.  A watercolor titled “Autumn’s Dance”.  I really love this artist’s work.  Last year, my budget was completely shot, but I did pick up a handful of note card sized pieces that I’ve framed to hang as a group.  It was so exciting to see her back again this year, and so hard to choose between “Autumn’s Dance” and “Grotto”.  Something about the colors just spoke to me in “Autumn’s Dance” though, and I couldn’t resist.  The final piece I purchased was not the one I went back to the booth to buy.  I went back for a painting of a man standing in the pouring rain with a red umbrella covering his face that I really loved.  When I went back, the breeze blew over this one, and when I picked it back up…done.  I had to have it.  Do you see all the self control I exercised?  Choosing between “Autumn’s Dance” and “Grotto” and again between red umbrella and the funky musician…I hated to leave the others behind, but…budget…fine, and another art festival in a couple of weeks.

photo (48)Along the way we ran into some very friendly alpacas that were there with a booth that was selling yarn.  We became good friends…well, until he tried to eat my phone.  All good things must come to an end, I guess.  Phone intact, I moved on to the next artist…and the Halloween store, which is actually called Margo’s, and the sell so much more than Halloween stuff.  That was just what grabbed my eye after I rescued my phone from the alpaca.  Oh my gosh, they have the cutest things!  I could have spent an hour just trying on the different hats. (Yes, I am totally that person.)

photo (53)Jenks, Oklahoma also does something similar with Art on Main, and I love walking through downtown Jenks with the artists set up in the street between all the antique shops.  It is a wonderful day that I usually try to spend with my Mom, but a budget nightmare…I usually forget I have a budget. That’s all well and fine until the bill arrives.  Then the cursing of my lack of self-control begins.  I still smile every time I see the art hanging on my wall, though.

Art on Main is in two weeks…how do you think I’ll do?

‘Til next time,